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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

For the first time, to meet with people to be worried about, first, and have to talk face-to-face, a little, but I had ended up with a hard feeling to each other, from the middle, I, from the situation, the person who partner It was decided by the soba noodle.
Then, somehow, the expression of that "person" who was doing it has obviously gone loose. It took a while since I turned on this perfume, but I felt unexpected in that situation.
I'm happy, thank you.

September 08, 2015


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The reason I wanted to try "Love attraction · bergamot (for women)",

Because I became fond of a gentle type of person, I also wanted to be that, so if I was "Love attraction · bergamot (for women)", just by wearing it in myself, I tried and actually used bergamot, which is said to have the power to make her feel very calm, and I really liked the fragrance that was comfortable, smooth and crispy.
When you wear that scent, the whereabouts you are now will be a comfortable feeling.
With a fragrance pleasant to this, I truly think to you that you have the perfect scent perfectly, until now!

If you had the ability to see a nice aura, you may be seeing a beautiful charming and wonderful aura being done!

While I was writing this now I tried to lie down a bit, but I was feeling a very happy smell after all.
It seems that I am very satisfied with my self confidence now, and it is a family situation at home, but since I started using this pheromone perfume, breakfast was a function I made every day, but even today, my mother My condition is starting to happen, I think I should prepare tonight, my mother recently became happy because I was tired and unable to cook.
I am glad if it is something that my family can also be energized by visiting the surroundings that I am enjoying with this perfume.

By having a good time, I feel confident in myself, the atmosphere of the surroundings is much lighter and brighter, and the feeling of crushing feeling full of happiness is rising again.
Thank you so much.

September 08, 2015


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The thing that I thought from a long time is a type that is incompatible with adults that smell like anything, so even if I can do this, even this one, I think that it is possible to make men's eyes and body become euphoric sweet I would like to try attractions · taboos! I thought so. And the item arrived, the impression that I tried using the first time reminded me that I was attracted to the scent of such feeling long ago and remembered what I was using, so for me it is my favorite fragrance When I was with my family, I felt pretty good with a relaxed atmosphere! If it's this minute, it will be anxious since tomorrow I am really looking forward to using it when I meet people! Thank you very much!

September 23, 2012


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I thought that it is a marriage limited pheromone perfume that would make me want to expect a gentle atmosphere that would make me want to talk to myself unexpectedly, to meet with my ideal opponent, and expect to be a positive relationship So I started thinking about getting married seriously, so I thought that it would be a good idea if there are people who are interested and we can start dating seriously!

It would be great if the opponent also sees this thing seriously and makes us conscious of marriage. If it can be done, it is a wonderful person to think that I would like you to propose it, but here is also a situation that I am nervous or there are not too many opportunities to meet people of opposite sex, I would like to encounter a positive encounter.
Since I'm getting nervous if I actually see men who are interested, I think it is perfect for me!
Just like the fragrance I like, I feel relieved ^ ^ ♪ I liked it very much. Thank you!
With this, it is nearly an attack at around New Year's age! ^^ ♪

December 27, 2009


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It seems to be a tremendous person, so I thought that it would be better to have absolutely decided to purchase ^ ^ ♪

November 17, 2009


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