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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I met this perfume, it is a half year. As usual there is still no dramatic change, but I think that an interesting phenomenon is occurring than using other perfumes.
I want to try it a bit more, so it's purchase.

October 21, 2010


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I always use this perfume.
I think that the effect is somewhat different at the time of turning on and not turning on.
Although it is not dramatic, I feel good by the reactions around me.

September 21, 2010


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It is repurchase.
I use it when I'm alone with a woman I care about.
Thanks to that, recently I went to eat rice together, and I was able to go drinking.
It is not a dating sensation, it is a relationship as a friend.

To be honest, I desire a deeper relationship for myself, but she does not quite get OK.
However, it surely increases the time that we can share the time for two people alone.
Many male friends, so somehow, if she gets the first in her, it is okay ,,,

But since the change definitely goes to the better one, I'd like to improve myself so that the result goes in a better direction while waiting a while.
I am grateful to this perfume for which I got a chance.

August 26, 2010


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It is also purchase.
To be honest, I do not know clearly this perfume.
However, it became a fact that it became fewer to disgust with the surrounding reactions and attitudes from becoming attached.
Is it thanks to Sweet Attraction \?
It will be saying, you can not deny.

I think there is an effect for myself.

August 25, 2010


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It is also a repeat. I'm hooked.
Because it is non-fragrance, it is good to be worn together with other perfumes (although it starts turning on, it smells alcohol).

After I started attaching this perfume, I think women around me are giving a good atmosphere.
It may be conscious, but it is funny.

July 08, 2010


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Because it has patented perfume, it is still purchased.
I am trying various scents with this time.
Sandalwood is nice. It is my favorite fragrance.
I feel refreshing without feeling a sense of cleanliness.
I always go on to work and experience the reactions around me.
It's a nice atmosphere, so I'd like to continue using it.

June 14, 2010


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The second one is in use.
No fragrance is very good.
I'm putting it at work.
Although it is not dramatic, I think that attitude and reactions of girls' employees are only around themselves, I think they are very soft.
Greetings, good morning, good taste, sort of things, at least they do not make me feel uncomfortable.
As I expected, I feel a step now, but it is not bad.
Expectations will expand more and more what will happen if you are using as it is.
Too much expectation is not good, but there are some interesting phenomena around you.

May 27, 2010


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The name of looting love is interesting, so I tried to purchase it.
The fragrance of a faint, ylang ylang was quite satisfactory.
I am going on at work but I feel that the roughness of the word usage of girls' employees and the feeling of giggis are lost around me.
When I look at my eyes and look at my face, my eyes match.
When I smile, my partner smiled and I feel like a casual conversation has increased.
For a female employee who always talks closely, (with a boyfriend), she was invited to go eat rice again if it is OK.
I was surprised at this.
Originally I do not want to make that girl her, but she is a bit nervous.
Thanks to the perfume, I still can not believe it, but I think I'm confident.
We look forward to the future.

May 15, 2010


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I tried to purchase by saying that it has a patent.
Since it is still about 3 days to use, I do not know the effect, but I am expecting it.
Various, pheromone perfume, I tried researching impressions etc, but all of them are half distrustful opinions.
I think that the effect will be divided individually, but what about ...

It looks like a little more.

April 28, 2010


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