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I am careful not to create an unpleasant atmosphere for elderly people and overwhelmingly large number of female officials who work for elderly health facilities. Being more attentive to the sense of smell and more than words, I have been paying special attention to the sense of smell, I have experienced "smells say things as much as mouth" from a young age, so I think that it is an essential condition in a scene of interaction with people I will. However, this is not preferable, as it is a state like a cologne, a tight, piercing smell is rather uncomfortable for people and not working. Let's make the relationship with the elderly stronger, I devised the energy of this smell with smile and voice call and used the product of your company as I was planning to complete the duties. Originally sensitive to odor, this product scarcely smells. It is nice to have it not to be tight, but I was wondering "Is it OK?" I really thought so.
And, little by little I worked as usual on the neck every day, I always happened to be angry and bad with Mr. A who happened to be involved, but from A's smile full face He spoke to me. Mr. A has a severe dementia and despite extremely disliking to be in contact with people, I feel like having my sleeve pulled back like my husband, or as I miss her gentle father It was for me. Female officials gathered around unnoticed as soon as I noticed. I feel that it not only attracts opposite sex but also has the power to make people involved happily. However, I do not know because it does not smell on my own .... Regardless of age, if there is a difference in sex, a pleasant stimulus will be immersed from olfaction? Is it a mysterious force? I would like to continue offering this pleasure to other elderly people.

February 28, 2013


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