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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I recently felt confident about myself and had been feeling somewhat depressed for a long time here so I thought about trying the fragrance of my favorite hyacinth.
I liked it with a gorgeous and elegant scent close to the smell of authentic hyacinth.
Feeling that you can brighten with hearts without feeling with mind when turned on. I was told that the surrounding girls had a good smell.
I'm sure you will lipike.

February 23, 2012


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Peach, I was expecting, it is exactly the fragrance of the fragrance of the toilet.
Well, since my toilet has been using peach forever, there may be things like ....

And this peach is sweet.
Sweet and artificial fragrance of peach is painful to repeat around the face.
The effect was as good as the others, but I will not repeat it anymore. .
* Additional note * While I was trying almost all scents, I did not dislike this peach so much.
I wonder if it is good when you do not want to give a heavy smell. So, ★ Increase from one to three ★.

December 12, 2011


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Angel, it is the best fragrance.
It contains 9 types of scents including lemon, lavender, geranium, rose, patchouli, sandalwood, chest tree, peppermint, clary sage, but it turns into a smell that gradually calms down with a fragrance that first gorgeous and brightens the feeling .
Especially, because the sandalwood is included, the fragrant fragrance is also good scent.
I do not mind the unique pheromone smell.
This is the 21st for me, as a result of various verifications so far, it was found that it is best (effectively) to use scented with scent of good or bad (preference) and to use a fragrance and premium together .
Of course, considering the combined use with your favorite perfume, if you choose scented pheromone perfume with a taste of scent, compatibility with your perfume is good,

Most importantly, since it was found that frequent reattachment exerts pheromone effect, I think that it is best to choose the fragrance that you want to rework frequently.

Angel, because it is a very good fragrance, it has been used too much, but the effect was also outstanding.

Many elderly men got a feast, and men of the same age and younger age were also invited to drink and they were praised for everyone. . .
It is surprising to get a little jealous e-mail that I want you to see only myself, just by talking with various men just by getting along well.
I am sorry just because I can not meet him who is my favorite. Recently I think that if he or more people appear close to him, I will try hard for that person.

November 12, 2011


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Because I grow over 100 kinds of old rose, English rose at home, I am sensitive and tough for the scent of roses.
This rose is the lowest.
Equivalent to 100 rose of fragrance oil.
It is unpleasant with an odor like artificial scent, hairdressing hairdressing agent.
A certain L company is a good fragrance even if it is a reasonably priced item using Bulgarian damask rose oil properly.
Because L'Occitane is offering a good fragrance of rose at reasonable price, it is not necessarily that rose oil is too expensive to use good things \?
Please, please use slightly fragrant rose oil!
The pheromone effect is not much different from other pheromone perfumes, but the smell is odorless and it does not bother to overlap frequently frequently.
*** Additional notes *** Even if you do not like fragrance, I'm doing experiments on the effect of different scents, so I tried my best and I fixed it every 1 to 2 hours.
A young man (I can work at a 35 year old handsome but there is a wife of a super beautiful TV caster,) which was a relationship that talks kindly to common if you talk to me from here when you talk to here until now, I came to talk to me to get involved with me.
He asked me with a feeling like teasing me more than necessary.
I am wondering if this is the effect of pheromone perfume.
After all, whichever scent is used, it is important to keep on attaching frequently.

* Additional note * While using it for a long time, I got used to the fragrance of this rose.
As usual, I do not think that it is awesome good rose incense, but since it is not dislike compared to before, ★ I will increase it from one to three ★.

November 05, 2011


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Even though someone wrote it, it is wonderful if you start using it for a while even if you do not like the fragrance that you like for a while, it seems gradually smells fragrant.
It became 16th pear this time. (Among them, although one has been repetitious of the same issue, we purchase every month differently, basically use it on a weekly basis and verify the scent, effect, surrounding reactions etc).

Until now, since I have long loved the exclusive perfume for a long time, when I first used this perfume, I was concerned about cheapness, cheesy smell of perfume.
It was like a fragrance in a toilet, a room colon, or a carrone ,, but there were many such feelings, but fortunately, every scent of this perfume is transient and has no sustainability.
Also, in order to demonstrate the pheromone effect, it is necessary to frequently reapply (frequently once every 2 hours) to the position close to his / her vomeronasal organ (specifically the back and chest of both ears) I think that the fragrance of this scent is exactly good.
In addition, every day every day, when you are on frequently, I'm getting used to the scent of this line.
In other words, it began to feel a good scent.
The pear seems to be sour, but refreshing with a refreshing sweetness and a gorgeous scent.
Speaking of the effect on the surroundings, I had not talked with such a married man (33 years old) sitting in front of her in front of her in the office so closely, but I began to talk frequently even during work Then,

A married man sitting diagonally (46 years old) is a very good person, who is severe in terms of work with other people and talks only to people who have quite recognized himself, but recently, I began to work for me.
Opportunities to talk about it are increasing, it is very kind and creepy.
The immediate boss who is sitting next to me (married man 45 years old) trusts me entirely and throws a job round.
Is it good or bad?
Regardless of whatever you are doing, my relationship with the surroundings in the workplace is going well, so I guess it might be an effect of pheromone perfume ???
I can not see the person I like for a while, so I do not know the effect for him.
When I got a drinking party with a businessperson the other day, when I became two people with a certain person (31 years old men younger than 10 years old), I was told that "I love you, Mr. Buff!"
It may be a social expression, but I was happy.
Unfortunately, he is married and has two children. I do not feel like having an affair at all, so I thanked you for shedding down.

October 03, 2011


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I used this gardenia, venus, citrus, fragrance, chances, secret, geranium, bergamot, premium, elegant, butterfly, this romance is the 12th. (Strictly speaking, it is the 13th because I'm repeating the opportunity once.)

Until now geranium was a fragrance like a discontinuity, but romance pulled the geranium out!

It is a nice scent that feels a little lavender on the backside of the favorite rosewood scent.
(Besides rosewood, since both rose and geranium are contained, it is a gorgeous rose incense as a whole, so I feel pretty!)

Usage is as usual, one push is done to the back of the ears, to the left and right carotid arteries, and to the chest.
Always wearing perfume favorite per inner thigh, pheromone perfume is a strategy to put on the position to reach the vomeronasal organ soon.
Pheromone perfume is roughly redressed once every 1 to 2 hours.
Even when I have no plans to go out, even when I do not meet anyone, I try to train my pheromone sensitivity (? \)
I push one push around my throat from the morning wake up to the moment I go to sleep, so I will consume 1.5 or 2 bottles in about one month.
It is worthwhile, I feel that the effect is much stronger than when I just started purchasing it here.
I am sorry that I do not have a chance to see him for about a month now, but everyone else in my 90% of men gentle.
The company that I work for is a big company and I often go to various departments in my profession and work with my first people, but with my first-time people (both men and women) It is very easy to do work, I think that this is one of the effects.
I bought four of them every month, I tried variously on weekly basis, so Oita inventory came up.
But we will continue to purchase & verify until we win all kinds!

September 10, 2011


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We purchase various pheromone perfumes here and are examining the effect and scent.
I have used Gardenia, Venus, Citrus, No fragrance, Opportunity, Secret, Geranium until now. This is the eighth one.

This bergamot I bought with a chance, like summer, wanting a clean citrus system.
It was an elegance that did not come up to expectations.
Less sweeter than opportunity, a refreshing and refreshing scent.
Since all of this item feels without the persistence power of fragrance, bergamot, chances are also used with the feeling of refreshing refreshment.
It seems that the effect of pheromone is properly seen.
All the men around the workplace are obviously kind to everyone.
I feel like I'm being treated specially.
I will continue to use it in the future!

August 07, 2011


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Pheromone perfume here, I purchase it and are currently verifying.
I've been using Gardenia, Venus, Citrus, No fragrance, Opportunity, Secret.
Geranium is the seventh one.
It was only chance (lemon 's gentle fragrance) that I liked the scent so far, but geranium, now I like tears.
Aroma of rose geranium of herbs.
The smell of lemon scent roses makes you feel gorgeous.
The effect of pheromone was realized by a secret or a fragrance-free one, but geranium is a decision to enter a candidate list for lipidity!

July 30, 2011


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We purchase various pheromone perfumes here and are examining the effect and scent.
I have used gardenia, Venus, citrus, nonfragrance, opportunity and so far.
(Please see my review until now! Posted by: Click on the part of Buff Beauty to see it!)

Although I wrote to the past reviews, I, honestly There is not much I think that the fragrance of these perfumes is good.
Opportunity was the best in the past. (Opportunity is a gentle citrus line, I think it is a fragrance to receive everyone.)

Usually I usually use perfumes such as Chanel and Dior.

When I first attached this secret, I thought it was "a smell of a cheap toilet deodorant".
The secret seems to be used by Iran Iran and Rose, but it felt a little different from the essential oil used in aromatherapy.
It is a wonder of the fragrance of the pheromone perfume here, but if you do not like it for the first time it will change how you smell it.
It may also depend on your physical condition.
I feel the secret as "fragrance of Hawaii" depending on the day.
(I felt it like a gardenia perfume that I bought at ABC Mart in Hawaii.

Also, depending on the day, it feels like "hairdressing of a father".
In that sense, it is very delicately fragrant, but ...,,

There was a great effect!

Over a year or more, I decided to go drinking with a man 8 years younger I like unilaterally a while ago, I added a secret to the back of both ears, chest, and both carotid arteries one push went.
It is a person who is in a relationship of work, and sometimes my age is much lower than myself, no matter how old they drink together, relationships like "seniors (me)" and "juniors (he)" do not collapse, how drunk Even though it was embarrassing, I could not lightly touch the body.
That's Nantes!

Both of them may have been drunk, but this time I came home, I have been in this hot weather mode since I left the store.
When I arrived at the nearest station, when I parted by ticket gate, he hugged me twice from him.
Sprinkle your face at my neck.

More than that did not happen, but considering what we have done so far, it's impossible to progress rapidly!
I was really happy.

I will continue to verify other issues in the future, but secret, it seems I can not let go

July 23, 2011


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Continuing from last week's Gardenia, this week I tried spending that much on Venus for a week.
When I was in Gardenia, I was spraying a lot in the morning, I spent the whole day, so this time I sprayed every 4 hours with 2 pushes every 2 hours.
It is almost a male workplace around, but noticeable change than normal is not felt ....

As I felt when I was in Gardenia, as usual I was motivated for a junior woman!
I am invited by meals, praised for clothes, makeup and hair, and I do not feel bad about going to women. I should be able to approach the men who are interested, but I am a bit disappointed.
I bought four items such as Gardenia, Venus, Citrus, and No fragrance, so I will try to play citrus next week!
I hope you find something effective by purchasing it in various ways. .

June 24, 2011


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Until now, I used other companies (2 types), but one is no longer a selling agency, I can not purchase anymore, another one can not feel any effect at all.
By looking for it, somehow found this site, no fragrance, gardenia and citrus to sale!
Since the person who is interested is 8 years younger than I, I bought 4 pieces at a stroke together for Venus and sale items for my younger age.
First of all, try attaching everything to a different part and trying the scent.
For me who regularly uses Chanel and Dior's eau de toilette, it is as thin as "fragrance ???".
Besides, it is not so much aroma. . .
But I bought it carefully, and for the week I tried to commute with gardenia first, trying to verify the effect.
Because there is almost no scent, I pushed the whole body to 10 push, it decreased considerably in one week. Indeed, the effect can not be realized so much.
I thought that it was strange though I should have written "OK" with 1 to 2 push.
I can always see it quite often, and since there are many teasers from older people, there was nothing more than usual.
What I was interesting was that I was invited to lunch and dinner by my juniors girls!
In this week, I got consultation with 4 younger women (lol \)
(By the way, most people around the workplace are male workers.)

Although I do not feel bad about being relying on girls, I thought that I would not post a rating saying, Gardenia is useless, when I saw the site again, it says in the way of use, "After the duration has been on 2 to 3 As much as time.It is better to put a little amount frequently, rather than putting it all at once. "

I pushed 10 before morning attendance, then I did not turn on !!!

So, correct the usage and try again.
Until you can feel the effect that is right for your purpose, for now, leave it three ★.

June 17, 2011


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