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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

It has passed a long time since I bought it, but spicy peach was a magical scent.
As with any product, I like to smell nice whenever I move, when I move on.
I did not feel the effect itself much, but I think that there is no other fragrance.

July 02, 2013


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It seems like something like "I try to train myself to respond to pheromones" was written in someone else 's word of mouth ... (Sorry to interrupt you)

So I wonder if it will change as I use it ... I thought repeatedly.
I will train myself with pleasing by overlapping with other perfumes!

January 08, 2013


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I have run out because I run out.
Rosewood was my first time, so I thought what kind of scent it was, at first it did not get familiar with it, but while I was using it, it was a rose and a tree ... It was a mystery that I received a slightly different feeling. Maybe I like it. So, ★ Four.

The effect ... as usual (laugh), there was one thing that my husband had strangely sprayed on the neck muscle.
Even if you smell the scent on the day that you arrived, it was not a person who reacts to fragrant things originally, but it looked like a "?".

It seems to me that it is difficult for me to attract people with pheromones.

January 08, 2013


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I bought it with enrichment twice.
At the moment of spraying, the fragrance of gentle soap fluffs and blows up before taking a bath or going to bed.
Musk, there was an image that seemed to be more scented and more irritating, but this is nice.

And then. ... Yeah.
There is no effect on my husband (; _;), or even when I use it when going out, that kind of expectation never happens.
But I like smell and I am using it because I am happy.
First of all, is it from there?

August 17, 2012


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Although I expected it, my first spray was absolutely "hormone · mochi" ... why is my nose bad?
After that it feels like the scent of flowers will somehow come.
I thought that there is more Jasmine's presence, but it seems that it is early that the unexpected and fragrance fly out.
When I asked my husband, "When smelling after cutting grass", when I asked a trader who comes twice a week to try it, I heard that it is "hard to express anything". (We do not teach about the contents of perfume for two people)

As a result ... I was bothered by a store clerk at a store, so I think that I had quite a lot this time (however, only women).
But whether to purchase is a place to suffer ...

July 06, 2012


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I bought it together with no fragrance.
It is a fragrance that I thought that it is nostalgic as it is similar to a certain brand of perfume that I started using as it used to be.
And, as for the effect, it is saying. I tried various as well as no fragrance, but there is no surrounding reaction.
I like the scent, ★ 2.

I asked my husband "I am wearing this, but how about?" And sniffed the wrist and neck, but answered "Oh, I smell something".
Well, I do not think that myself is reacting to the pheromone, how can I realize the effect of the product ...

However, I like the perfume itself, so I'd like to try out various fragrances in the future.

Postscript: 2012.8.17 ★ Because I remembered reviews of other products to two → three. Although it is not said that, although it is not an effect, it was grinning as he noticed alone, as it started to put on, when he moved, it smelled nicely and flavorfully, "What is that, what is it?", That perfume!
So I made it the title "my favorite fragrance", but I completely forgotten.

June 14, 2012


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Relationship is good, but after 10 years of marriage it is somehow not "man and woman" It is feeling that it is getting rid of ... and feeling, if you continue to look after it as "heterosexual" and will handle it with the unity I want ... ..., buy it I did it.
There was no effect like this. Sorry. Although it feels alcohol smell when spraying, I do not particularly feel that "I am healed" ...

By the way, although it is spraying on beans on the day when the merchant enters and goes out to the house or when going out, there is no effect such as arrow stick.
This ... Is it my own, personal problem ... bitter smile.

June 12, 2012


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