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I had a lot of opportunities to hospitals at the reception of the hospital and I thought that I wanted to use a different aroma because the peach and orange I had purchased before was good.
It is a very good scent, I wonder if the scent is too strong at the hospital. The effect may have peach.
I gained confidence by wearing scents.

February 27, 2015


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If it was a tough smell like troublesome surroundings, I could hardly get a scented hand. This time it is the smell of my favorite peach, so I thought that I would like to use it for my healing. It is a sweet smell at the chest, it is a nice scent! It is not too sweet, it is a refreshing and gentle fragrance without being bitter. It was a product I bought for my healing, but my husband was most excited about me (laugh). In the hospital waiting, my grandpa who is diagonally smiling smile and I will stare at you. In the workplace, men are kind and I feel like I want to talk to me forever. My uncle - college girlfriend looks at her chest in person. As soon as my colleague who was angry with the phone interaction got through the corridor, "I am sorry somewhere." Even though I usually do not apologize. Anyway, I was healed by the fragrance and I was able to experience various experiences.

December 21, 2012


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