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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

In February, when his family was found ill, I had been in contact for a while, but I had no idea what was going on for over a month, and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to meet him anymore.
In this month, we have to go out of our house due to the self-restraint of going out.
At this time, we tried Labromance products.
At first I thought it was a woodier and stronger scent than I had imagined, but over time it turned into a gorgeous feeling and it was just too sweet for me in my 30s.
He hugged me tightly, but it's kind of long. I was searching for the secret of the smell, and I was impatient because I smelled it down to the scalp.
At this point we have only achieved this much, but I'd like to try it out when we sleep together.
The social situation and his family are still far from over, but I'm really happy to feel forgiven while I'm with me.
Thank you for giving me courage!

March 25, 2020


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Previously, when I bought this item, there was also an image of the word pheromone, I chose the scent with the desire to be seen by an adult woman.
I thought that this peach was too sweet, but when I tried it, I felt a fresh fragrance like summer with a faint sweetness.
My personality personality was also stupid.
While thinking of wanting to be an adult woman, the contents are really childish. However, because I am a good age, I want to change myself who can not become obedient ... as a matter of masculine ... I tried the product.
The fragrance of the moment I put on disappears quickly, but is there still pheromone power left? I feel like myself was scented magic rather than around (lol \)
I feel that I have actively talked to customers more than usual during the past week. Because I have this scent ... I think that I was conscious of a little polite customer.
I think that I should be able to say honestly and returning my gratitude this weekend as a gratitude to the person who is interested as a gift previously received. I want to re-smell the timing to talk nearby.

May 29, 2015


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