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The fragrance is a fresh and sweet peach of fruit itself.
To the delicious cute scent, I will be captivated by peach in an instant.
Anyway, it is my favorite fragrance, it makes me feel comfortable by myself, so it is satisfying only by that, but the effect of pheromone was also patched!
In my case, I often talked to a young man with a friendly smile with a smile.
Also, although I am shy, I'm pretty shy, but I'm pretty cute to my nephew (elementary school first grader) to say "I love you so much" (laughs) It seems to help me get along with my children.
Even though my husband, my youngest younger sister, came back to work as I got tired, I hugged herself while smiling, and I felt like I was in a good mood.
Recently I have lost my conversation in the house so I hope that the time of peach will make two people enjoyable by the effect of peach.

May 26, 2015


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If it compares freshly attached scent, it is honey orenge. It gradually changes to bitter orange. In this perfume it is rich and sweet citrus scent, I think that it has sustainability. Very nice scent and I like it.
The effect of the pheromone is ... ... There was already quite a strong reaction. When I went to the date, he was in front of me with sweet serifs that seemed embarrassed unexpectedly here (lol \)
Anyway, I did not distract my eyes, it was about momentum that it would keep me setting forever. He is a wonder type who does not know exactly what he is usually thinking so expressing love straight like this, if you embrace me strongly hotly, hugging her warm smile and body warmth, uneasy feelings also blown away From my heart it seems to me that I will go with it.
It is a fragrance with likes and dislikes by people, but the effect is no doubt. I'm thinking of trying various other things, but for the time being he is already quite pretending to this karma (laugh)

April 26, 2014


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