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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I tried using Jasmine!
As everyone used well in double, it was written as good effect, so I thought it was! I thought that I used premium and double use!
As for the effect ... Although I did not know what kind of fragrance Jasmine really was, I thought whether it was such a smell, but unfortunately it was not my favorite fragrance ... The moment we got it smelled However, the smell gets lost soon. When used in a double, the premium is a smell of sake, and Jasmine has a subtle smell ... I do not like it but I kept trying hard while expecting!
Effect and Yuu ... Now, I got a popular wall don!
I was surprised!
But than being happy ... Because I was made a person I did not like, I'm sorry ... That person got in touch with my body every time, without worrying about the public eye!
I'm glad when I like you but I'm sorry ... for those I love ... saying what kind of reaction I put perfume!
What I was told was, "You smell! It smells of my aunt!" Shock ... Why does not it work for people I like?
I am scared to work for those who are not interested, but I am sorry ... but it seems to work, right?

January 30, 2015


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I tried a love attraction? Angel.
I was worried about alcohol, but it was at all.
The smell of the angel It is really good! It's a girl?
My skin did not get rough!
But ... after all it was disappointing that the smell disappears quickly.
Well ... ... I could not balance my mind with depression or anger ... There is nothing to do with that ... There is something to say ... I was told that "Age is about high school students?" Surprised!
The rest is praised to the customer, "I always work hard and admire!" About that ... I tried it a lot when going to the crowd but there is no male approach.

June 29, 2014


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Seeing everyone's reviews, I thought this was a purchase.
Because it is your skin or sensitive skin, I chose alcohol free.
Because I am working in a workplace that deals with food, I chose this product because I do not like smell of perfumes as well as smell of perfume because it is better without smell.
Recently, I spent my days relaxing with stress due to relationships between humans, so I tried it with a thoughtful feeling.
None of the experiences like you will happen ... Still, I will shuff a lot more than everyday with expectation, but no change will still occur ... I will be dented .... Is not it suitable for me?
Oh, I just wanna be happy ....

June 12, 2014


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