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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

The fragrance of rosewood calms down. I went with a taboo and a premium on the New Year 's party at my work place. Because the reaction of men is favorable, the tension rises. I took pictures with the most popular men in the company, I am happy just that, but that is close. Lol I was throbbing while my arms were touching.

February 07, 2018


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I like the calm aroma of taboo the most.
I pushed and went shopping at a department store.
Since I'm nigga to match people, I always try to keep my line of sight slightly down and not see the person's face.
When I was walking around the crowd, I was 10 meters away and I saw a lovely slut with a tall and beautiful male eyes, so I felt like checking the face and lifted my eyes, my eyes met.
He was originally watching me.
When my eyes met, the other person was embarrassed shyly disconnecting his eyes.
Such a handsome man !!
Taboo is amazing !!

September 28, 2017


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It is healed by a refreshing scent.
It is this bergamot that I bought the first time.
I got a young man who is interested in my work and met my perfume here when I was polishing myself.
I realized that pheromones are important for men to like, and it is feeling that they have reached while searching on the net.
It is a must-have item now.
I mainly use it in my workplace.
The effect, I have patronized it for nearly two years, so there is no mistake.
I can feel confident in myself.
The aura shines and is loved from women and treated as a woman from men.
And more confidence will follow the reactions around us.

March 25, 2016


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I think that there is no one who dislikes that the ginger is pilly with the fragrance of cute peach!
I have a young man who is interested in the workplace (I am my boss although I am younger) I'm glad to hear every request of me as soon as possible.
A colleague's woman was told, "If Alicia asked you, it was absolutely OK," I was told, I was at a loss what to reply.
Suddenly, when you look at the line of sight, it is often that he is looking at me far away.
At the moment the eyes match, it is distracting from each other but it is hot enough to be exciting and it will be tougher if you look at such a way from a man.

When I am having fun talking with other men, I will come near you as I am interested.
I think I'm jealous because I feel a painful face.
Although I am not going out with you, it makes me feel like I've seen a cheating scene ^ ^

January 06, 2016


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Among the fragrance attached here, it is my favorite scent.
It calms down and smells faintly, so I think that perfume's tenderness will be accepted even by a nigga person.
When I used it at a drinking party in my workplace, my feelings calmed down and I was able to get in touch with people.
In the past, these seats were Nigata, and on the surface it was exciting together "exciting" but the inner heart is het het. . I think it was impossible to smile and I thought that was smiling (lol \)
I think that I am confident in my favorable response from men.
Recently, it has become possible to do a casual body touch.

January 06, 2016


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Gardenia smells like a mature soap.
The fragrance lasts long. After a while, I smell when I snip it with my nose approaching where I got it.
Privately, I felt a scent of sexy feeling rather than refreshing ~.
I am doing double use of happiness and premium.
One day, when I go to the supermarket, my uncle in my 60's chooses vegetables and approached my side and talked to me, "This green pepper is small!"
And, while pretending to take the item in the back, I suddenly hit on me.
Although it may say that it hits it, it is good if the shoulder touches a cotton, but what does it feel like touching half of the body?
It was unnatural too (lol)

After that, I started talking a lot and my mood felt high and I was cute because it was high (?).

August 18, 2015


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Peach smells a faint cute scent.
Because there is no persistence of fragrance, I am reworking every few hours.
In the workplace, I can not put strong fragrant ones, but Peach is a passing score!

When I went to the dentist with this, I could hear the nose of a male teacher clearly (lol \)
When I went to esthetic with hair removal, the female staff said "The hand is beautiful," "This hairstyle is nice," "It is as beautiful as thinking that your buttocks have been depilated."
Until now I was glad because it was not that way

Since I will enter the time to gimmer, I will change from secret I used to peach ♪

May 28, 2015


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I am very healed by the sweet scent I used to like the scent of keshi rubber I used it ^ ^ I felt the duration was longer than other geraniums and bergamot.
Is it easy for my nose to react? Ginger & Peach. Sometimes it smells fluently even over time

I tried quickly to the men who are interested in younger workers at the workplace. Approximately an hour passed, I made errands and tried approaching them.
At that time there was no special reaction.
After 30 minutes.
When talking about work, gentlemanly with pretty gentle correspondence ~ I was surprised to deal with such politely!
After that, I felt a strong gaze several times when passing nearby.
Another younger boss was taken to the corner, although it is a story of work but a long story long. .
I was pleased with the very favorable attitude.
In the workplace, I used a premium, I realized the effect I am nervous, but I can relax and talk or cute voice ^ ^ I am trying to tell you because the partner's response is favorable (especially male) Have been well communicated

It is the strongest if Venus joins this ♪

March 27, 2015


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I sent geraniums.
Thank you very much.
Although I used impressions, at first it was not my favorite scent (Sumimasen · · · \)
Strangely enough, however, I became to know the sweet fragrance sweet day by day and now I love it.
I think it is a fragrance that makes me feel feminine.
When I put on why, my heart will be Kyunkun ♪.
Because the amount was small, it seems to disappear in no time. .
I would like to purchase this time.
And although it is the main effect, I am using it at work but it is amazing!
The surrounding men became very gentle.
I feel like I am not going away soon after the work talk ends (lol \)
When the eyes meet, it is returned with a hot eyes.
That seems I misunderstood that I was a good woman.
It was also written in the lower person, but my body gets moist.
It became easy to fall in love with it.

July 29, 2014


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