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Always thank you for your help.
I am a big fan of pheromone perfume.
Pheromone If you are wearing perfume you can be gentle from the surroundings and you can have confidence while being healed by yourself with a better aroma than anything else.
I have used it with romance, Venus until now.
I was worried about what fragrance it would be if I lost Ginger from Venus when using Venus, so I tried using Peach this time.
I like it very much because I can wear it with a gentle soft scent.
I caught on and attached it when I met him younger.
It seems he is relaxing more than usual, so I could spend relaxed and comfortable time.
I was very surprised at the day I wore it to the company, my boss who was strong and unfriendly against female employees got very kind ^ _ ^; My regular mistake as usual is bad mood To expose himself "It's all right, it's not enough to apologize," forgiving me with a smile.
I was amazed by this as well as the surrounding female employees.
After that I began to treat me very gently.
There is such a thing.
Several other younger boys of different departments have come to be able to call out often, and they are also gentle for weddings, so they are really pheromone perfumes!
I can not give it anymore already (≧ ∇ ≦ \)
Thank you in the future (^ ^)

May 27, 2015


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