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The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

From a junior woman in the workplace I was concerned about for a long time, I got invited to play with meals and staying and I was able to have a relationship with nature Until now I have not had this kind of age I feel like my life has changed.

December 01, 2017


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Love attraction When I attach a vanilla musk, I got a business trip and went to a training trip, I was asked by a women clerk at rest time, and my father always got a good smell and it smells good, but because I am single Or, I thought that it was a chance I was asked to go to work alone?

March 21, 2017


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Junior of a workplace in my twenties who had said that the fragrance of vanilla musk is "Good Kaori! What is your scent?" LINE the other day, I fell in love with you unknowingly ... and confessed I'm sorry ... I will be in trouble when it comes to emergency (laugh)

January 03, 2017


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A colleague at work, there is a woman in her twenties who is getting well, and on the day when I first put on a vanilla musk, he said, "That is a very good scent, what's the smell?" Between us, we hope to meet with each other on a private holiday with just two people. When I turn on the vanilla musk, it says "I can talk about anything for some reason", I will go traveling to stay and enjoy the relationship with my younger girlfriend.

November 06, 2016


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I took a love attraction / white musk and went to a pub I was talking to a lady who was able to take three people, but when I wake up after drinking I was not strong, I got frustrated, one of them , I sat next to himself at the counter and stayed even after my friends came home "I want you to send me to the station", so I will keep hands from there on my way, so I will not resist when I hold it After that ... There is a secret (laugh)

May 08, 2016


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I usually premium preference.
At the beginning of the vanilla musk, I felt that incense was a little incense, but I think that the incense itself can be used in the workplace with the sweet smell of vanilla.
There is a woman in her early twenties who is not strange even at her work and her daughter is in her early twenties. There is almost no point of contact at work, but while I was wearing a vanilla musk and talking on the corridor, once a day I came to the desk and started chatting.
And yesterday, "Mr. Ku, I thought from the front, but it is such a sweet, sweet smell that I am the same age as my father, what is it?" I was told.
I am trying other love attractions that are not fragrance, but I feel that women who improve their impression are different from incense.

January 24, 2016


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I usually enjoy premium and rose separately for work and private.
I like the scent of flowers pretty, so I tried gardenia this time.
On that day, when I used my usual daytime running as a female colleague in my 20s, she said "I would like you to take me to a drive" because I want to go to the event of a business partner I am involved with. It is a year closer to my daughter, and I do not feel like that, but a fun holiday was promised.
On the same day, I went to a tavern I had a goal alone, but a girl from a clerk who knew the face was sitting next to the counter due to work finish. While talking, she said "LINE's address exchange?"
Something good happens to be scary.

December 15, 2015


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I used premium everyday, but when I used Rose as a try, I made a purchase that I liked the fragrance very much as myself.
Now I use it as a premium in the situation scene.
Switching from the premium and using Rose when you want to change from work or work, etc.
There is a woman who is pretentious in existence like her sister in the workplace before and checked clothes and body odor from usual, but when switching to Rose, "Oh, what a scent this is. I say, "It smells nice." Talking, I sometimes walk together and came back on my way home.
I think that I would like to use properly in combination with the premium.

November 17, 2015


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I used to pretty common premium, but I tried it.
I do not have a strong aroma, I forget to attach in a good meaning, I think that it is easy to use even at work.
There is a woman of the workplace, a type of a very friendly type, but the distance is much closer than usual, standing next to me and naturally touched body touch from over there.
Also, as women worked out something at work, they often got help from me.
I also thought of trying other fragrances, but as with premiums, it certainly makes a good impression clearly for some reason, but I feel that the incense type will change the type of women with effect.

November 17, 2015


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I usually use a premium.
The next day when I used Rose, my Chinese tea ceremony in my 20's Chinese female clerk (who is always kind) is not at any time, I talk to him from there and speak and give fishing when I pay Sometimes I grabbed my hand.
Another effect was the effect of the rose, as the woman who joined the drinking party for the first time suddenly hugged, hugged and the woman did not leave.
However, I have been making friends with the aimed woman, but there has not been any change in relationship with that one.
By changing the scent, I feel that effective women will change.

September 08, 2015


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A woman who is more than a friend or more than a lover or has enjoyed such relationship with each other was in the office.
Taboo at work, banquet at work. She sat down next to me and took a natural body touch.
That's it, but I had a good time.
Although pretty system girl has a high degree of attention even in the workplace, it was seen from other men as "Why?", It hurts (lol \)
I usually premium preference, I thought that natural fragrance is good, such as when there is no time to overlay with other perfumes.

June 15, 2015


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I normally use premium, but I thought about using it when I wanted to change my mood at work, I tried using it when I got to the client's help on the day the item arrived.
Then, there was an e-mail from the client and I had a meeting with the staff at the work place after the end, but my reputation was very high reputation and "I want you to come again". Though I thought about 3 people, there were three staff members who were present but everyone was a woman, I was just working conversation normally, but I think that the story was fairly bouncing if I thought about it.
The content of the work was fairly normal so I changed my evaluation to thanks to Karma.
Karma is amazing, but there is a little scary the world (bitter smile)

January 24, 2015


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