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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I feel a bit scented at the first scent, but it got a nice scent like soap as you guys as it got a little over time.
I personally liked the scent after a while.
It was surprising that the girl who was saying that the fragrance of perfume was "smelly, smelly" would "smell something good" ~.
After all I wonder if I understand a good smell?

I do not know whether male reception is good, but it is the effect of perfume that was spoken to by a male employee who does not talk much at work all the time.

For the time being, I think that I want to repeat because I am confident in themselves somehow.

January 08, 2019


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There was something I used to order a lot before, but I stopped placing orders ,,,?! I also wanted to borrow the power, so I ordered it ♪

The scent is fairly dense with a mature scent.
Since I feel a little persistent when pushing too much, it is just good to put only three times from the neck down to three times.
I do not know the effect which I have yet clearly showed to this opponent, but expectation is great if I consider the previous effect

I will challenge a match by laying premium on the hill
I will write reviews when I get good results again.

August 14, 2018


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Sorry to be late for the review.
My boyfriend made a few months ago when I thought that I wanted to use a white musk.
Thanks to the fragrance of PP Lavo's Venus (laugh)

However, we are busy each other or for only other reasons we can only meet once or twice a month.
Moreover, my boyfriend thought that I would like to try the white musk of this place because there are uneasy things to various people because I am one or more younger than me.
The scent was written in other people's reviews, but it looked like the scent of hairdressing hairdressing (lol \)
I felt something close to the perfume of the musk of the boys later.
At the beginning of wearing, I think it will change gradually to a soft and gentle fragrance gradually, and the scent flies faster.
Although it is the effect of the main thing, it was good.
Because it did not like the taste of scent privately, it is star 4 but the effect is 5.
Before I met my boyfriend I sat on the wrists and put them under the ears.
I fixed it every two hours frequently during the date to realize the effect.
Then they acted differently as usual.
Sitting next to the sofa I wonder if he got stuck together like a dog Cunkun Starting from my back I started sweeping around the scroll ,,,,.
When it was over, I felt sticky for the first time I touched around the thighs (laugh \)
Did you feel the muskiness of musk ?? \?
Thanks to that I was quite demanded and I was able to spend good friends.
The smell effect is amazing, is not it?
I was thinking that it would be best to rely on pheromone perfume at first if there was something uneasy.

Incidentally, aside from White Musk, I felt an unexpected effect not only for my boyfriend but also for a boyfriend (quite younger) and a little younger in my office. It is as long as I am happy to have something to think about!

June 12, 2016


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This time it showed outstanding effect! ___ ___ 0

After all the premium + Venus superimposition was the strongest !!!

It is a pleasant surprise surprise that you showed quite good effect to younger men (≧ ∀ ≦)

Male from 24, 26, 27 years old got me a favor !!!

From 24 years old I was invited by lunch and karaoke because my music taste fit.
In a room of karaoke it was such a feeling that "I do not mind sitting next to me?" And the distance is close and "I have long hair and it is beautiful" and I have been stroking my hair forever and touching my cheek. I was told to meet again and I parted that day.
I met with 27 years old and went for lunch and drinking at night.
I was seduced something and developed into a romantic relationship with one another.
However, it was hard to meet each other because they were busy with each other Keeping my mind apart There was a new encounter next to me.
It is an encounter with a 26 year old.
I promised to go to the drink after drinking the line, but the conversation was rather light and the first impression was not good.
He came to the meeting place and he apologized for the conversation on the line as soon as I saw him.
And while I was drinking, there was a serious attitude that was opposite to the light interaction on the line.
When I meet a person, I usually re-attach perfume to the nape and both ear and wrist every two hours.
After all, the likability to me is completely different if I reattach it to coma. I also reconciled and I felt a lot like the impression of him and he said from me that he was "the first person I could relax and talk" and sit next to me and touch my hair and cheeks. . .
After leaving the shop, I was handed in and confessed on the way and said "Let's go out".
About the station As I parted suddenly I was cuddly hugged and I heard a sucker smothering something scent strongly on my head (lol)

Oh, it is awfully sniffing ??? Like a laugh can not be without a effect of the perfume!
Every time I use Venus I feel familiar with myself I feel as if I demonstrated the outrageous motemote effect as the third one.
If you want to drop the younger, you definitely decided to premium + Venus !!!
Pheromone effect is scary as hard !!!
I will definitely repeat from now on !!!

February 25, 2016


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This time, I ordered a second time. When I first asked Venus for a long time ago I felt that the scent of ginger was incense somehow and I thought that I was not thinking that I would not ask for a thought, so I came back. (Lol)

I wanted to get along with the younger people and most people in my workplace were younger than myself so I decided to purchase again !!!

I was very happy that it arrived at the shortest on 3 days after ordering (≧ ▽ ≦)

First of all, I say the effect at work. . .
On that day when perfume was on, everyone else talks to me in a waste (lol)

In addition, if someone complains a little about it at work, someone else protected me for being a friend and the other person complaining to me was accused.

Working relationship exchange is also perfect.
When I went to the beauty shop, my young staff was very kind, told me not to go away quite often, and furthermore it was a surprise that the distance was somewhat closer than usual.
I am glad I came back to Venus ♪

Incidentally, I felt the fragrance of ginger that I felt like Nigata when I first bought it was a warm smell like being wonderful and relieved this time.
When a ginger scents and a little time passes, the sweet scent of peach is pursuing and it is a good feeling.
Next time will surely repeat !!!

February 25, 2016


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Although it is not a fragrance of rose, it is a fragrance resembling a secret somehow with a warm gentle feminine scent.
There are people who like it, but I feel like I gently touched it even before I turned on the rose, and if I am a little troubled or in trouble, I was called to ask "What's wrong?" I am doing it.
Is it the effect of Rose?

February 21, 2016


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I'm sorry I have not arrived late.
We will be staying!

From the conclusion I think that it is an effect ant!

When I tried several kinds of perfumes at the beginning, when I was not using anything, I did not talk to the people I liked almost but I only talk about business activities of my work, but it was a nonchalance feeling.
Well, originally he is not aware of what he is thinking with bad feeling and I do not see how he is talking with people so much and it is a type that is hard to grasp.

I am able to do my job and I am a highly educated person, but I feel like I should deal with it ...,

However, compared with the beginning when we met for several months using various pheromone perfumes, we got along well with each other.
I got to be able to talk about private, so I started talking about anything and received consultation.
However, I noticed that I was getting along with each other this time and somehow treated like a male friend.
I tried using karma to become conscious of being a partner of destiny there.
The second day can not change anything in particular.
But from the 3rd day, when you have heavy luggage at work, you are instantly helping me and opening the door little by little, but female treatment has been changing ???
I also have been waiting for me when my work is over.
I want to progress in a better direction with this momentum.
It is regrettable that the scent of karma does not necessarily like me.
Although other people had been reviewed as a good scent, I would not mind being scented with a stinky color by all means.
Because there was an effect, I put four stars!

December 26, 2015


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I ordered for the first time to the goodness of word of mouth.
I thought that it was a fascinating fragrant image from secret naming, but it is a powdery honor scent.
However, it was still not my favorite fragrance at first but it became comfortable and loved the fragrance while I was wearing it several times everyday.
Even though I read it in someone's word-of-mouth, I have read this perfume every day at first, even if it feels like a fragrance that I do not like very much, I change to my favorite scent when I turn on every day, how I feel It is a mysterious perfume.

Is this the effect of pheromone perfume?

That's why I want to try out various fragrances.

Although it is an effect of a secret, it is pretty good to put it on top with a premium, but a secret alone also had a good effect.
People who are interested in the workplace. . . It is a pretty good type. A person who feels unclear what he is thinking and is hard to talk to.
However, I became able to talk quite easily and I became very kind and I became very gentle as much as before.
Also, as I always looked at somehow, when I looked at other people, I felt like "What's wrong?" Or "Are you OK?" (* ^ O ^ *)

Somewhat I misunderstand that it feels like I had a favor with a little bit.

Also, because of a small face with a baby face for age, I'm small enough for me to be free from sex appeal.
My personality is also a moment.
However, it came to be said that it is "cheerful" since it began to attach secrets and taboos.
Other men also said "It is a sexy person. "Or" something erotic "or something that has nothing to do with now is gotten!

This is awfully happy (≧ ▽ ≦)

I will continue to enhance perfection by polishing myself more with perfume.
Good luck my best ♪

November 01, 2015


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I like the fragrance of Jasmine so this perfume was my favorite fragrance.
The scent I've been using → Hapiness, Peach, Taboo, Secret I feel the most fragrant aroma or long lasting scent.
Although it is the effect of the essence, I feel that it was not so much in my case.
It seems that taboo or secret had better effect, but it is star 5 because scent was favorite.

November 01, 2015


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Bergamot which was described as a product that brings a tender mootiola and a gentle atmosphere to the surroundings.
The scent was a citrus-based refreshing scent with no dislikes and I thought that it was a fragrance that I could afford regardless of gender.
When I heard that it is more troublesome to work at the workplace since this month I heard that the upper person comes to see the situation, especially when this person is disliked by this person, the work and the position worsen, , I used it with a feeling of praying that I could have likable even a little (laugh)

In addition, some people may be interested in the workplace, so it would be nice if there was an effect on that one too.

The main effect was when it says ,,,.

It seemed that there was no disagreeable impression spoken to from the upper person frankly.
It is increasingly being spoken to from a workplace of a man who does not talk much about others, and everyone is friendly.
Talked to me from a handsome young person (laugh)

The other thing I was surprised was that it told me that I was surprised at the workplace and worried about 3 days later and then suddenly said "I'm doing something, I'm smelling awfully well," the next day said, "That smells like that Although I get excited about something, stop doing it (laugh) "or saying something like laughing, I got better conversations and more conversations than before.
In addition, because I got along with this, I was not that kind of gentle, but now I feel very gentle and my job will be quite handy and I will help you a little If you are doing a little troubling gesture, "What happened? I was worried about it or to have heavy things and it was really good to use Bergamot as a response that was very different from what I was before.
I had an effect.
After all, it is better to change it frequently every 2 to 3 hours.
So, it's fun going to work everyday ♪

It was good to use.

September 19, 2015


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Since I had a considerable effect when I bought the first one I bought a second one because I sell it.
It may be a refreshing scent that is refreshing rather than a taboo naming, but it is a scent that feels sexy.

As you can see, it was a good feeling when I tried again frequently every 2 to 3 hours.
I became able to talk more friends with those I liked than I did when I purchased the first one, and I was able to talk about private stories that I could not think before.
Even if it is incompatible with other people, I started to smile and talk to me, helped me with my work and changed to a very kind response.
Once in a while with premium + taboo superimposition ,,,,,,

I was able to get along with other people considerably.
Moreover, it seems quite hard to try to leave from me.

Pheromone perfumery is ♪

A little high Kedo, if there is such a good effect, I will definitely repeat from now on.
I am also interested in other fragrances, so I will review it in that case.

August 27, 2015


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I bought it for that reason.
There was no action on the first day when it was turned on.

But if I had it on for several days. . .
I was told that her sex appeared to be al from the workplace !!! (≧ ▽ ≦)

Even though the person who is worried was coldly unfriendly in the past, it turned into an obviously gentle response since it began to attach taboo.
Besides, the conversation has been playing and I became good friends.
What is the response of your opponent changing so much simply by putting perfume?

Awesome Pheromone perfume !!!

August 25, 2015


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Hoping for "loved aura" I bought it for the first time with romance.
As scent has a scent of lavender strong as a word of mouth of everyone, it is aroma feeling and there is no bad smell.

At first it is ARE!
I will be healed from the aroma effect while using the fragrance I thought a few times.

Although it is effective, I go on every day to my work place, but when I was spoken to by people who do not always talk at all, or if I was a bit depressed, "What's wrong? It's okay? You do not have to worry" I was cheered by many people regardless of men and women.

Everyone is friendly.

When talking with a man, when compared to when you do not have romance and when you are turning on, the distance is close, and I feel a little bit backwards (laugh)

Even from the men who are interested, I used to tell you something absolutely recently although I have not talked to them at all when there is no use over there.
Besides, it has become somehow pleasant feeling.
After all, I admired that "I love you aura" is working! (Lol)

By the way, I use it by superimposing romance + premium.

Next time ♪ I will try out the scent ♪ I will have fun ♪

July 08, 2015


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I wanted to make friends with younger people, so it was pretty good to write reviews, so I ordered Venus.
The fragrance of peach and ginger first thought that it was Nigata, but though it got used to it several times, it seemed to be a good fragrance.

I tried put it in my work place.

I was always spoken to by men in my twenties, and it was only those who normally do not talk at all, so I thought that after all it was an effect of perfume ~.

In addition, when I go on drinking with Venus with a male friend, it seems that it seems to become a development troubled with something strangely approaching and contents of the talk becoming more than a little romance, so when I meet next time , I thought that it might be better not to use (laugh)

I thought that it would be better not to use it much except when I liked it.

I think that it is an effect ant.

February 07, 2015


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Perfumery, Jasmine with effect to work on the instinct of men. I tried it for the first time.
The opportunity, I wanted someone you care about even a little bit ,,,

However, the opponent is a silent person who has no idea what he is thinking, it is a nontrivial atmosphere, it is said to be cautious, or it is hard to touch because it is a person who does not make a real intention.

It is a very tough opponent (haha)

I tried using it three times.

As a result, I think that there was an effect in private.
He taught me that it is secret that I talk to the other person from the unusual occasion, listen to private talks unrelated to work, and not answer even if others hear it.
Besides, I was kind enough to come to help as soon as I was in trouble.
And, more than anything, I could see a smile.
I was surprised for a moment as I usually do not change facial expressions at all!

It seemed that attitude was different before and after obviously using Jasmine!

After all, is he trying to instinct ???

When I put it to the work place elsewhere, I was happy to unexpected deployment that I always talked to you at all times, spoke to those who did not do it, or praised the appearance (lol)

I am glad that the fragrance of Jasmine was not too hard, so I want to add more and expect more in the future!

It was good to use!

February 07, 2015


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