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I tried using karma the other day.
I tried buying various fragrances until now, but what kind of fragrance is it with karma? The scent is somewhat like a taboo, it feels like a gelaneum, it is an adult scent, I do not dislike, but it is a unique scent.
Unfortunately, even if you like the scent, the scent itself will soon disappear and there will be sorry about the effect, but I wish the fragrance should be fragrant for a long time. As impressions with karma well, it seems that men are kindly gentle? Would it not change much if it is told that there is always a little change? Will it change a little more?

December 19, 2015


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I received a bergamot the other day so I can make a few impressions.
The fragrance of bergamot was a very good scent ^ ^ It was my favorite fragrance, but it is a bit disappointing that the fragrance will soon disappear.
I felt that the fragrance is the most fragrant in the fragrance I have used until now.
As impressions I tried, I tried using it at a drinking party the other day, it is a bit dangerous feeling, there are also drunk, there are around three people will come near me, this has happened to date It became feeling moody to say that I wonder?
I do not know, I do not know but I think I will buy it again, I got a good impression this time, so I'm a star 5 as I am. However, I think that it would be nice to have a little more capacity, I tried using it variously, but it is sad to be gone soon, please increase the capacity a bit more w

September 14, 2015


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