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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I wanted to increase his tension, so I used it as a secret.
I attached, but I was wearing it, but since it was my first date in a while, I wanted to get rid of the manners.
He was not very much enthusiastic about going out because he was busy with work and also continued to fall a bit, but the day we used this perfume was different from usual.
I could not express it well since I first saw her, but what I was saying made my expression clearer.
It was brightly felt all the time, and it was a fun and exciting atmosphere.
She seems to understand that she is feeling uplifted by herself, "I do not understand somewhat," but he repeatedly spoken lines.
It is usually passive grazing kun, but on this day it was a carnivorous tendency. I was glad because I like people who come to visit so much!
He seemed to be puzzled by his change, but I was hurt in my mind because of the cause I thought (lol)

Strangely enough, however, I could not feel the fragrance of perfume so much.
I wanted to feel a different scent, I chose a scent that is not for women on purpose, but is this also related to the proportion of pheromones ??

August 22, 2016


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Geranium, it is re-purchase, but I fought a bit with him, so I bought myself for ages.
I heal it because it is my favorite fragrance.
I was feeling better at myself at break time, but I felt that side effects had come out and I still can not stop (laugh)

While supposed to have been awkward, when handing the document to him, he somehow piled his hand over the hand that I had and received the document.
He touched a bit, rather than being squeezed pretty much, and it was rather a momentum as "fairly meaning" as being in a fight, but also his face was turning white as his head was also turning "Oh, it is due to perfume" I thought that, I called it as a trigger and somehow made up to be a reconciliation ......
Awesome, pheromone perfume.

August 01, 2016


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This time, I wanted my female boss to be likable and I verified it.
It is difficult to confirm the effect a little because women are vs. women because they are good at hiding emotions, but still I think that the effect was acknowledged as it is speaking from the other side.
But than anything else, there is a drastic change to my boyfriend who did not expect (laugh)

I do not get angry at the date I got on a fairly tough schedule, rather it got late, apologized as sorry, because I am ashamed because I am embarrassed I have not called it properly until now until now I come up with a name conscious attitude that makes me embarrassed, I am amused, and I am surprised to be honest with expressing love above all.
Somewhat suspicious, I doubtfully collected the circumstances and information, but it seems that it is not so much ... What I think is the perfume as well.
Certainly putting on, his attitude will be slightly bold.
I usually lead, but holding a perfume, holding hands from me and embracing.
It is important to take action from your opponent. I think that it had a very nice effect. Will you want to protect?

Hyacinth is somewhat casually fragrant, but I did not think that it would have this effect.

February 07, 2016


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I feel relaxed after the fragrance of fluffy flowers, soon will not get bothered.
I think that the fragrance of aromatic oil Iran Iran will remain intact. It is a nice scent.
It is a very favorite smell, but the scent is thin, so I was wrapping around my neck and hair so that I can feel it well.
Then there was something interesting.
Seriously with him (?) After getting hot with the story of work, if the direction was also decided and the document was going down to return to his work, I saw the appearance of ours on the glass in front of you It was.
I thought he was strangely close to me ... I was sniffing my hair from behind obliquely so that I could not notice.
The mask I was wearing was staggered to the egg.
It looks too blatant, somehow, I feel embarrassed I'm happy ... I feel like I saw something I should not look at.
Because of the efficacy of Ylang Ylang, I feel like I feel calm.
If it runs out, it is a goods you want to purchase again.

October 28, 2015


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Actually, the musk type is not very good scent.
However, since this perfume has a fragrant tender overall, I decided to try it because it was SALE that I could refer to the reviews of everyone.
Of course he is the experiment base (lol \)
Of course it is secret (haha) Because it is a type that will definitely rebound when it comes off.

As a situation, it is a story of the second day when I started using musk.
I was worried that he was working overtime with a lot of work and I went back once, but I gently came back to see the situation. It's a little stalker but ... (sweat)

I came back on the way back to him who went home with overtime work for about two and a half hours.
I was careful not to be found because it was a way home along the way, but I had lost sight of in the diving way if I was wound far.
There was no way out, as long as it passed by.
But when he came down to the place to wait for the traffic light, the man before me standing right behind him was him.
Well, when I noticed I was too surprised to be overturned ^ ^;

Although it is not in the opposite direction at all, it is a considerable detour.
On his personality, it was a situation that was not erotic there and there was no circumstance.
Until my house, it got me feeling strange like I'm tailing him.
After all, he went crooked just before the last turning point to us.
It is unknown what I thought of what I thought, but I was pretty excited about what it is.
Since then, the reply of mail is strangely early.
As usual it is too late to think that "there are things to see by e-mail?"

Also, my uncle at the workplace was standing behind me forever though there was no business.
People who like it and those who do not, because their joy in reactions is quite different, we may have to consider them for use!

October 25, 2015


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It smells citrus for a while for a while, but it does not bother me immediately.
It may be unsatisfactory for those who want to smell rich.
But I have a pretty fragrance that seems to smile in spite of myself.
Although it is effective, I decided to use it with the keyword "healed" this time.
Actually, I quarreled a bit with things I do not trust with him, I feel uneasy about my own feelings, and I feel "quiet" even if I look at him (. - ω -..)
Even though I do not feel like being in love at all, my daily life is not fun, and even if I end romance, it is too bad after such a feeling ... I myself want to be healed and I turn on bergamot, When I passed, I tried to make scent flow as I walked with the momentum that the wind occurred.
I tried contacting after one or two days, and somewhat overturned the other side.
When I complained about this complaint a line of "sorry" came out, so I also felt that "I'm too".
Because the continuation was "Because I will not contact you ..." I was "???". Or, he also said "What was it like I did not mean to say this?" Like voice.
I feel like I've won something (lol
After all the pheromone perfume is turned on, a mysterious phenomenon will occur.

September 20, 2015


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It arrived and I got a great job on the first day when I went to work.
My goal is only a bold boyfriend who is fancy and weak, so I'm trying various things towards that, but this time Happiness had a quick response around me.
As soon as I sat down, a synchronized boy (a young awful younger sitting) sat next to me speaking to him.
When I was talking with that girl, a senior boy came closer to that side again.
Three people tried to chat a bit because they were mixed in the story, but since it can not be impossible not to work, the hands were doing work but everyone did not move the place, something glittering While working for a while.
What is this? It is quite unnatural, but ...

When the conversation ceased, he came and began to sneak up the shelves behind me, so I thought it was a chance and I tried to say that I could open a bottle I bought from my boyfriend, a hard-to-open gesture I was doing. No, I did not actually open it, but my boyfriend was pointing out and looking behind me, so I could not see it, but I said that instead of saying, I do not know how old you are but Grandpa's Area) literally flew (sweat \)
As the synchronized men came at the moment when I tried to reach out, everyone hung for a second.
From where I was watching, I took a plastic bottle and opened it and left as it was.
Suddenly, including the boyfriend, of course, all the male employees were working around me.
Is it because of perfume or perfume ?? \?
It surely smells soapy but is it a scent to accept men? \?
I think the reason is, I think that it was a quite unnatural sight from the surroundings.
However, the feeling was "Maji?!"
It was a day full of tension rising.

August 09, 2015


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All of these perfumes are very nice scents, but this Jasmine seems not to be suitable for me, I felt smelly TT TT I always feel the effect close to instructional writing, so it is very disappointing given the efficacy . I used to mix them, but it was not good anyway ...

But it seems to be only me, when my family sniffed, "It smells like a flower" I mean.
In the end it is how the people around me feel, but I feel that it is not possible to get a good effect on what people do not like is good.
So, it is a research result, but it seems to be good if you put as far away as possible from your nose.
In my case I tried to put on the lower body.
Then, since the scent itself is diminished, there is no problem.
I have my favorite scent on my upper body.
Although it smells fluffily from time to time when attached to an ankle or the like, I do not feel that the scent at this time is odorous because it is far from the nose.
I am pleased if it becomes a reference for those who are unfortunately fragrant of what I bought.

August 03, 2015


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I bought him to feel fate (lol \)
Although the fragrance is peculiar, it is a fragrance reminiscent of the sengoka flowers that once bloomed in the garden. I am not a disgusting scent.
It is about the effect, but it feels a bit too good (lol \)
It is nice that he got better than usual with this, but I happened to see a scene that we are communicating with a boy from a good colleague by e-mail.
Even though it was e-mailed secretly, he said that he could not hide because he was chasing me, he honestly mailed me with.
Well, be jealous of being jealous. I came to ask the girl next to me to do my job and I spoke to laugh at talking to a girl near me.
Because I got angry, I ignored and I worked with a different boy.
The face clearly jealousy already rolled out. I could laugh a little though. Since I came home I got a follow-up email saying "Where will you go for playing this time?"
Since I ended up having a weekend between, I got karma to the chest around the beginning of the week and when I go to work I switched my mind (lol \)
I asked my work for something, and I have never seen a woman doing it, but I will beat out a beep.
On the way home on the way home, "Where are you going to go?"
I feel that the scent also adds to my feelings.
Anyway I felt I was looking straight.
There is a feeling of being overly effective, but it is a place where I'm leaving if I am in such a state. My face gets chubby by itself.
Thank you very much.

July 12, 2015


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It is a nice scent of geranium. It certainly smells floral.
It is the direction of the effect, but I was surprised a bit and will report it.
We have not seen each other yet, and marriage etc is unrelated when we consider the two people's environment.
Just as I wanted to get married without thinking about getting married is basically it is basics ~ When I was buying geranium for 2 or 3 days to say that, when I was talking to him he talked about marriage became.
To talk about his, it seems to be ridiculous, and I tried to flush it, "I might possibly marry in the future," I said.
I had plenty of geraniums on that day, so I was a bit scary.
This may ... maybe it works. It would be nice to tried once if you want him to be conscious of marriage.

July 05, 2015


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The response around the rose was pleasant, I wanted to try another, I tried repeatedly romance and premium.
The men who are thinking that it is "nice" as interesting have come close.
I was surprised because I did not think that it was so effective.
And all the men who come in are smiling! Everyone is smart and gentle.
I am glad that my boyfriend was the only purpose, but it will be fun if I react gently to everyone.
I already want to enjoy this situation for a while (laugh)

**** Additional notes **** I tried various perfumes and saw the boyfriend's reaction, but I will report the phenomenon which seems to be the effect of the other side afterwards.
There is a boy who is synchronous but there are not so good buddies, the child suddenly consulted me or a brother ~ her sister gave a joke with a smile face w
I was surprised because my boyfriend 's reaction to my boyfriend' s hard work (lol) I was surprised because I did not feel like verifying it at all in the direction, but I thought this was a post.
Everyone shows a nice reaction when wearing romance.
It may well be tried in the workplace that human relation is too much · · ·.

June 28, 2015


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By saying pheromone, I tried to experiment with him in three times.
Of course it is a secret that you are using.
He is a very young age, but I care whether he is related to age. It is a type that comes from herself never crawling as it becomes a herbivorous system or mood. If you classify as a bad guy or a Zului man, you are perfectly a Zului man (lol \)
The fragrance feels a bit spicy, but it is a personal favorite scent.
First time: Whether it works or not, it continued to get friendly contact from other men members, which made me feel a little meaningful from my boyfriend.
But I guess this is jealousy jealous?

Second time: When I just blew the scent of freshness was fresh I purposely passed near and then I sat on the most remote seat on purpose. However, as you can see through, the sight is in front of you.
I came all the way to the seat and asked for work. When I was talking with two boys next to each other, I asked for a job that would make another seat.
Of course, I smiled and accepted it with a smile.
Third time: I knew that the section of work on that day was the same, so I put on the rose just before I got into work.
I sat down in a nearby seat, but I feel I often passed behind. As expected, I thought "What is it?" It may be due to Rose.
I ordered it regularly, but when I called back from home, I was saying something terrible sweet.
I think that the feeling has developed. It is kind of fun to become like this. Next, I would like to try another one like premium and superimposition.

June 21, 2015


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