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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I am shy and shy personality. I can not speak well though there are many men in the environment. I borrowed the power of pheromone perfume to gain confidence.
A barbecue on that day with Iran Iran, a man never told me will not leave my side. And, it is close! I gotten too close to you ,,, haha. Is it thanks to perfume?

Next, an acquaintance man who always picks up and picks up "What kind of softener is used? I always smell sweet ~" I did not think that it was perfume, but lol. At that time, I tried using pheromone perfume as a plus for perfume you always wear. Even though I usually do not say it, it seems that the smell was really bothering me. This is one of the effects!
I thought I should use it for a long distance boyfriend, but I could not meet him ...,. I would like to try using it again next time I can meet you!

April 11, 2016


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