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This time, the first field challenge ♪

When I frequently reattach it, I feel that the two women are getting quite close and that the body touch has also increased from the opponent!

The smell is not too bad, so it's pretty good, so this is ♪

May 18, 2017


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After arriving, I put it on quickly, I was spending with a good feeling on my own, but if I put it in my pocket of denim, the cap and the main body got disengaged, the contents got disappeared, the contents got in the end ... haha

I will challenge again sweat

April 11, 2017


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This time, I tried using "taboo" for the first time.
In the past, I used "premium" and "ylang ylang", but as a scent "taboo" suited my favorite.
However, as they are slightly fragrant, they can be used without much concern.
Although it is an interesting effect, I think that this taboo was the best.
After purchasing, I had the opportunity to go to dinner with two women, but I was able to have a smile and a conversation with a smile all the time, a skin ship such as a body touch can be done naturally, one person does not hate it, one person I was confessed about the woman.
I think that "confidence" will be attached to myself rather than working directly with the opponent.
Personally, I felt that it would be more effective to use it as a single love attraction than a superimposition with the perfume I usually use.

April 13, 2016


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