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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

I like gentle fragrance, I use it repeatedly ^ ^

April 09, 2017


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Because the fragrance of neroli was peculiar and stinky, I did not like it very much.
I did not feel the effect much ^ ^; But, there are also women who like this scent!

February 09, 2017


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I gradually began to see eyes with my colleague's son, and I became able to talk.
I had to adjust my eyes before, the conversation did not go well w

December 09, 2016


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Whether volatilization occurs when the workplace heating is high, the female staff gets sweaty than usual.
Is not it obvious? Is not it?

November 09, 2016


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Sandalwood makes my heart calm down and it is a very good scent ^ ^ The effect makes me feel calm.
I got a bit more calling from a woman!

October 09, 2016


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The surrounding women become easy. In the meantime I was talking to a cute shop clerk at a convenience store!
This is one of the effects!

September 09, 2016


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Purchased for better personal relationships in the workplace. Will it become easy to vaporize when the temperature gets higher? If you are in the same room, you will gradually become friends with the female staff for one to two hours of words.
Also, the amount of money involved is felt by the female staff as a whole on a day when I was wondering.
On the contrary, when the amount is small it is not so gentle.

There is a musk in the sweet fragrance of vanilla, so there is a slight refreshing feeling.
But spring or autumn may be better.
Because it is hot in the summer, rosewood which is a bit more refreshing may be suitable.

July 09, 2016


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I am using it to make friends with women staff in a cold workplace.
Whether it has become warmer lately, when I stay in the same room from the female staff and morning, I gradually become gentle, and in the evening I will talk to you chocolate chocolate.
Every day a minute, there is a change little by little that the eye-catching time gets longer, talking to you, talking from here also decreases the number of times to go off.
But there are changes that are becoming more and more like friends for unhealthy female staff, whether it is effective for healthy people. It may be that the number of times it can be unreasonably expired has decreased (lol)

Hoping for change in the summer, I will continue again!

June 03, 2016


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The scent of soap was very clean and I liked it!

My colleague at work was cold to me, so I tried using it to improve the relationship.
About one week after I started using it. I like the scent very much, so I understand that I am quite relaxed and concentrate on my work.
Because I was little left, I went to the workplace with my stomach, chest, wrist, side aside, in the morning so that I could use them all.
In the morning, the temperature in the room is low or not much change, but as the room warms up, the person pheromones volatilize, all female staff sweatily and go to the toilet.
If my body temperature rises, will volatilize will it make the effect easier?

The other thing I noticed was that I was sleepy at work or not motivated, a woman who was going on worked silently.
Two women around me always chat well, but today I work silently for some reason.
While I was in the room all of the female staff were relatively calm all day.
Also, after putting on a white musk, a friendly woman is now body touched every time.
Human relations in the workplace have not improved, but it is a good effect to be able to concentrate on your work!

May 08, 2016


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There is a reasonable effect.
Initially, premium was put on and not much effect was felt.
Iran Iran is the second time. Another colleague (both men and women) touched me slightly gently, because I was interested in me, perhaps it would be better to have a fragrance.

About 10 days wearing a feel, I do not like this odor much as it feels sweet, but turning on makes my heart gentle.
I have it every two to three hours.
As a result I feel that relationships with friendly female staff were even better.
I am going to drink home this month, but I say it's fun ♪ from her, I will talk about drinking home many times.
Also, bad female staff members have come to be able to talk by seeing my eyes once every 5 times.
Also, it seems there is a rise in body temperature, and the number of times that female staff go to the toilet when working in the same room.
I always say cold weather is hot.
Whether the volatility rises as the temperature goes up or not, all the female staff members had a good smile with a good smile all day long on hot days.
Children with a cold attitude in the morning gradually become more mild when they stay in the same room for one day.
I would like to try more type perfume that I can continue with my favorite odor. Because odor did not suit ☆ There are 4 ♪

May 01, 2016


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