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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

What is it already?
Although I also tried scented, basically I use this alcohol free essentially every day mainly.
Because it is a workplace with many men, the effect is easy to understand, it is a pleasant effect to be praised for its appearance even at this age.
Moreover, it seems that it seems to be effective also on the same sex in strange thing, and so far, I am spending without affliction of human relations at work in the office.
I want you to be most effective, my boss is longing for me, but I have not had much opportunity to get in touch with you recently ... But the other day when I talked closely, I was convinced that I was obviously likable So, I want to move forward one step further. Next time I will try to premium after a long time ~ ~?

March 20, 2017


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I used it because I wanted to keep the distance to my longing boss (younger son) close.
Although I had realized various effects using several types of pheromone perfumes heretofore, I did not reach a dramatic progress ... I tried to increase the amount used this time.
Normally I repeat 2 pushes every 2 to 3 hours on the neck, but this time I push 4 pushes.
The scent is honest, very thin, and the impression is so thin that I do not know well what scent is.
So it does not matter if you put it somewhat more.
Well, it's an effect, but my boss has often talked to me since I started using it, and I was surprised to hear that I came to not use it. We have a lot of opportunities to talk at a close range, so we frequently do it and sustain the effect.
Because the inside of the company is a very large space, it may be that he was physically too far away by merely putting on it and it did not work for him who is in a remote place ... In my case, the amount is the key rather than the type of fragrance I realized that.
It takes courage to make clear manifestation of intention, but it is a secret amulet that pushes back.

February 18, 2017


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I already do not miss it everyday.
Men are really all kind.
The young boy will also be kind.
I do not have much opportunity to approach closely with the boss I'm longing for, but I do not know when there is a chance to go nearby, so I'm recharging it every two hours.
Since it has no scent, it is okay even if it is attached several times.
The boss is also a kind attitude when nearby.
It is an absolute essential amulet.

February 05, 2017


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I recently thought that it was a mainstream fragrant scent, and I could not feel the impression that so much peach. That person was better on age.
This perfume is also OK for the workplace because fragrance will soon fade away, but I think peach is somewhat more fragrant sustainability.
So it's too much to wear.
Well, as for effect person, people seem to come up regardless of gender and woman ... The relationship between people in the workplace will be smooth.
It is the same workplace as he is, but there was a chance to happen to talk as soon as it got on. I think that he touched me in a friendly atmosphere at that time. Continue to use, expecting further progress.

January 26, 2017


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A man who worked properly in the past was inconspicuously talking to herself strangely, or praising her appearance easily, and there was a clear effect.
I am sorry that he has not had much opportunity to contact him recently, but I will continue to patronize because I do not know when opportunity will come.
It is good not to smell no matter how many times you put it on.

December 08, 2016


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As a soapy scent gardenia plus ... ... but it certainly does smell like it, but it is a sweet gardenia.
In addition, because perfume is a single note, there is no change in the scent accompanying the passage of time, it just feels like the fragrance will fade away in a few minutes.
Since it will not be smelled in a matter of minutes, it will not cause trouble for people even if putting it a little.
Well, although it is the main effect, I certainly feel the effect.
There was also a moment when people in the workplace that I did not particularly like to talk to, or when I realized that communication with the person I met for the first time went well.
For the time being, although it was used in conjunction with other pheromone perfume at the present time the problem of human relations has disappeared, is not this amazing?
And to the person of the yearning that I wanted to be the most effective ... Although opportunities to be touched have drastically decreased recently, when I finally met, I could finally talk to the neighbors and events that felt his kindness It seems that I will soak in the afterglow of happiness for a while because it was there.
I would like to try another scent.

November 24, 2016


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Alcohol free is the second one in this.
It is good to be able to use with perfume on hand and to use it without worrying about smell any more. As there are many men in the workplace and sometimes they help me with my work, I borrow the power of pheromone perfumes and build good relationships with the people around me. Thanks to you, you guys make me gentle.
I have a boss I admire, but I do not know when I have opportunity to contact him, so I push one time when I go to the washroom.
Compared to when I was not using (4 months ago), the kindness of contact and the gaze clearly differed, so I realize the effect. I want to go one step further, so I will continue to love it without fail.

September 05, 2016


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What I imagined by the scent of jasmine was the sweet - tender fragrance of yellow Carolina jasmine.
But the fragrance of this jasmine is a rich aroma that is close to a century.
Even if it says, it is the same as the others and the scent flight is very early, so fragrance will fade to a degree that you do not mind after a few minutes even if you push 2 to 3. It is OK for me who wants to put it at work, but those seeking sustainability may not want to expect much from the function as "perfume".
Well, as for the effect person, recently, opportunities to contact with the boss who is longing for the workplace has become less, but when there is opportunity to talk, it will be informed that it is likable.
If you take one more step, it is likely that you will also be making a declaration of your intention beyond ... ... it is a day of hesitation and no courage to come out.
And because it is on at work, it seems to work for other people too (lol \)
People who had never talked all the way and came to talk about the world for a long time.
I am happy to be able to make friends with people in the workplace as much as possible, so I'm pretty friendly for the time being, but it's amazing to see not only men but also women.
It became indispensable for smooth communication with the surroundings.

August 31, 2016


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The fragrance of geranium is healed, it is a scent that everyone is likely to receive. Of course it is OK for my work.
Even if it says, the fragrance will fly soon ... but recently my favorite boss began to speak to me everyday.
It is a bit of a word, but I am pleased to bother to come to me and I am ecstatic every day before I go to the company in the morning.
When I spend days with such feelings, I feel kind to everyone around me, and it is becoming more and more virtuous circle.
It is made gentle not only for men but also for women (regardless of age).
Since I can not think of a life without pheromone perfume anymore, I will use it without fail.

July 03, 2016


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Musk has a rich image, but when I see other reviews I also had an unexpected comment called "fragrance of soap" and tried it with interest.
However, when attached to my skin, it became an animal wild scent, rather than soap, as it was the image of the original musk.
Since the fragrance fly quickly, there is no problem even if it is attached at work.
I am up for hair, so I pushed 2 behind my ears and necklace in the morning and continued 2 pushing at noon and 3 o'clock for several days.
Your eyes are in the office, but the alcohol-free type you bought last time got dramatic effect and the distance shrunk, so expecting further effects ... Everyday, although it is little by little, the chance to talk is increased and suddenly When I raise my face my eyes match, and I am glad that I wonder if the effect is coming out.
Also, I feel that when I use this, I can speak spontaneously from various people in my workplace. People who have not had a chance to talk much so far stopped bothering to come and talking to us ... regardless of gender.
Anyway, it is a nice effect, I want to patronize from now on.

June 07, 2016


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It's been a week since I started using it, but I am seeing the effect as I see it.
Although it is a workplace with many men, there are many men who are helping with work, even if they do not have anything ... I am surprised by too much effect.
Especially, it seems that it worked dramatically for the boss who wanted to shorten the distance, the opportunity to talk is increased, and today I got until the sweets were put in. From my everyday life, I think that I was glad I really used it because it was an unexpected development.
I chose alcohol free because my skin is weak, but it was a correct answer. There is no smell, there is no stimulation, so I use it several times a day without being noticed even if I change over again many times.
I am looking forward to what will happen tomorrow. I will repeat again when it runs out.

May 10, 2016


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