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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Will it influence my age and character as well ... in me meaning "man uke", the effect is incomparable (· ·;)

Rather, the reverse. "Female uke" was awesome! On the day we are wearing it, our relationships become smooth. And from some of the seniors, the body touch is bad (laugh) It is a wonderful anego-based person, but it seems to be cute enough ♪

I'm thinking about trying various things in the future because the happy discoveries do not persist (o ^ ∀ ^ o)

January 06, 2017


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This rose was avoided in the part called "luxury feeling" and was avoided. From the conclusion.

"It was nice to use (*> ∇ <*) !!" ♪

It is refreshing scent with light more than I thought. Still, a fragrance that makes you feel feminine sweetness firmly. It can be used for both work and date.
And about the pheromone effect. It happened to be next door at the cafeteria on the day we were using this rose, we are being asked by the first-handed handsome of another department (laugh)

Perhaps there are individual differences depending on the taste of the scent. Roses seems to have the most effect in this handsome, and although I am not a person who positively drops away from myself to usually women, when I am wearing rose, I will positively close down the distance and blush I will also compliment.
By the way, those who are interested in the same department. Rose has a good reaction, but angel is more effective for him. What I say ... There is a clear difference in the eyes.
From now on I would like to continue checking the reaction of men while enjoying it (o ^ ∀ ^ o)

August 06, 2016


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From the name "Angel", because I was convinced that "sweet smell for young children" without permission, it did not come out. Bergamot and romance were more than I expected, so I wanted to try it.
First smell. It was easy to handle fragrance that was not too sweet contrary to expectation. You can relax from the moment you spray it, and you can be conscious of yourself as a woman. . It is such fragrance.
And pheromone effect of the essence. I have one mind who is interested, but when I used bergamot, the effect was felt, but when I used this angel I got to further reduce the distance (lol) Talking to me It does not matter whether it comes, eyes meet, but it is close anyhow. It approaches unnecessarily (* '∇ __ *) ......... Rip decision !!

July 08, 2016


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It is favorite!

This time, I purchased this item for the first time. Until then I did not trust anything "pheromone perfume".
I do not like strong scent, I hate perfume, but in the summer I really want something fragrant because I care about sweat odor. But I do not like the cheesy smell of antiperspirant, so the antiperspirant is absolutely incense-free! I was looking for something else that looked like a colored smell, but it did not make a cheap impression ... something else.
And it reached the site of this place and was attracted to the place "It is not too strong aroma which disappears in about 3 hours" "It is not too sweet, refreshing and healing scent", I tried to purchase it for the purpose of fragrance to the last.
First smell. I think that it is a very good item for those who like citrus. Even though it is stated as "bergamot", cheaply monotonous scented oranges are not unusual, so at the moment I put on it, I thought "Ah, it is per colle!" I am doing a "hard work" that is commonly told, but I can use it without any difficulty.
And then. It is a pheromone effect ... I was surprised. Because I seemed to be "cheating" "frustrating" because there is not much fancy from long ago so it is about being kept being told by my family and friends that my expression is more soft! From my colleagues, even if I talk about business, it is a personal topic ... ... It was my daily life that I could not be a situation of "talkie". Even so, since I started wearing this product, I often tend to talk about else who is unrelated to men from work mainly. Especially about 2 people are coming closer and feeling that they are searching for a topic forcibly. I feel somewhat strange.
I also care about other fragrances and I'm interested in the pheromone effect so I'd like to have some fun (^ ^)

June 19, 2016


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