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I feel that the fresh fragrance of Jasmine makes my feeling bizzy. I felt that I am becoming a woman who can grow naturally and spiritually from the usual way.
When I asked "Is it strange?" When I was told that "Something different from ordinary?" Is said, "It is refreshing but there is sexual femininity," I was told.
Of course, to a man at work ,,,,. I usually do not speak so closely, but I feel somewhat close to the day I turn on jasmine ?!

September 02, 2016


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There was also "There is not a good smell" by other people, but I bought it because there were many people who evaluated "nice odor".
Because I like the fragrance of the rose type, it pounds while pounding, it pushes one push! It is fluffy smell and it can behave as if the girls' power got up only with it. (Simple, sorry \)
If it is about one push it is not so strong aroma so it seems to be no problem in the workplace and, if nothing more than fragrance type to rose ,,,, I did not think that this kind of enjoyment could be done in the workplace this year. I think I will also try other bothers!

August 11, 2016


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Actually, I had been thinking for quite a long time ago, but I tried purchasing because the evaluation of the word was high as to what the effect of patent pheromone is.
Since I started using it, I feel that somehow the surrounding men gently began to care about me. I am very shy, so I am very happy to be able to talk to each other. I will try to patronize from now on.

August 11, 2016


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