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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Besides this, Happiness was a good impression for me, but for me it is a good impression, but I think that it is bergamot that I feel my mind is stable or energetic.
There are smells I'd like to try elsewhere but for me it is going to be a standard I do not want this to break.

December 25, 2016


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I like to purchase pears because I like the pear and the fragrance of the fruit system is not so rich.
Certainly the first impression came to think that it was a nice scent after all while using several times with scent like chewing gum ??
When I tried it outside, I tried to use it outside of the house because I was told that "I'm eating some gums? It is different, it looks like a colon of a junior high school student", "It smells nice, but it does not suit," so I used it for raising my mood at home. Sorry.

December 25, 2016


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I usually chose only a citrus or other light fragrance, but when I saw a word that seems to be a fragrance of soap, this time I challenge somewhat different feeling.

Originally this scented is good or bad Scent flies quickly fly and it settles down to light softener level so if you expect a subtle soap scent it is natural that you expect this scent, great correct answer !!

I want to keep snorkelling all by myself Fragrant flower scent.
I thought that gardenia was such a good fragrance.
Well, it is about the effect of the essence.
There was! There was it!
When I was talking with a certain male employee, I suddenly approached "I hear strange things, I changed the softener, I smell good".
I usually use bergamot but noticed that the fragrance has changed from before and weak impression of fragrance even if weakness of softener level is noticed.
Although it may not be the same as usual conversation if it is from other people, I was surprised at the sudden thing because it is a workplace where I can not say such a thing sparingly.
I also said "I like this one", so I'm wondering what to do next bergamot with this happiness as I continue to purchase.

November 24, 2016


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Based on the word of mouth, this bergamot was purchased for the first time.
I like aroma oil, but I am not good at strong perfumes perfumed. The workplace is also perfume NG.
As a scout to the neck before coming to work, after coming to the office after 30 minutes it is just as good as the fragrance calms down to the level of softener? Antiperspirant? Level.
As an effect, the place where you can become self-energized is great.
As I gained confidence from the time I got it, I'm thrilled to work, I can concentrate around my work for about 3 hours and move around in a glorified spirit.
I was also praised from the superiors as "I'm doing my best recently.
If only it is "in the end it is a placebo ...?" It seems to be thought that, but the place is pretty, the male team is close close (haha).
I was talking to the face closely and being spoken to, or putting the documents closer to the other party, I got a shoulder close as I looked into it, or thanked me a lot for help.

I want to think that these are not the minds!
At the very least, big progress, even if I could remove the wall of my own type of making a wall with a recession !!!

Interestingly it seems that it seems that it gets much more effective towards older people as we can.
It is that people who wish to be most effective! (Lol)

As the person who wants to be most effective, since the number of times I can talk to other departments and the amount of conversation has increased, I think that I will continue to boost this perfume in the future, and I think that myself will have to work a bit further.

September 04, 2016


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