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※ These reviews reflect each customer's personal experience. Please note that they do not guarantee you will get the same or similar result.
The reviews on this website include those for Love Attraction, which is sold only in Japan. Please also note that alcohol-containing products cannot be shipped to international addresses.

Originally a couple in their 50s with many skinships, their physical condition changed when they were young as a matter of age, and they found this perfume when they were both troubled with what they were doing.
I tried to buy it and tried it for a week, but no change, no effect.
Even if you read the high-rated reviews, honestly, this is effective, by chance, there are a lot of things that are thought to be due to other reasons, as it was imagined to some extent.
However, when I read word-of-mouth communication of highly-rated people, there are also many comments that I feel relieved, healed, and my mind settles down, and I think that it may be good with it.
How to use each person.

I will not repeat, but I will use it to the end because it is wasteful.
Think about whether you're going to try the premium as well.
If there is a change in the process of using up, correct the word of mouth.

July 29, 2019


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