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I tried sandalwood this time.
In addition, I own exotic and ylang ylang and use them properly according to the mood of the day, but so far sandalwood may be the best reaction around!

First of all, the smell is a modest impression compared to the other two, but it is a good scent of your favorite incense (?).
Since it is not attached at work, it is exclusively for private use. Since there are few opportunities to try it, I tried a night shop.
The result is that the other woman gets sticky enough to be surprised (surprise)!
Although you should have been younger, everyone who is older is closer, frank, and will hug you.
What is it! (Lol)

By the way, there was a person in mind (it was a clerk at a certain store), and I tried that child as well.
As a result, the reaction is clearly different.
The first time, at an angle I could not see, I took a deep breath secretly and noticed that the nostril was spreading, but anyway it was closer than before!

There was also a day when I had been sticky.
Recently, the brightness of my eyes when I look at myself is different, so I feel that it is natural that I have a favorable reception.
I would like to continue to use this pheromone perfume as I hope to deepen my relatives and get someday.
There are too many strange things!

September 17, 2019


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