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I liked the fragrance of plumeria and I was curious about what fragrance of gardenia is like the scent of gardenia.
I thought the first impression of the fragrance was smell like calm feeling like men's perfume.
Something is sweet though it is kind of sweet but I think that it is not cute scent of flowers, I wonder if I like a little at first. . I did it.
For a while time will smell like a soap when the scent gets thinner, I do not feel bad.
With this, I can not see people I care about, but turn on the elevator, the man looks back and opens the door and waits for you, or a man who happened to be beside me caught a glimpse of it And there were.

I feel that fragrant rice cakes have relatively secret, venus and happiness.
Happiness is a nice scent for the coming season when it calms down since alcohol became familiar with the skin with a little alcohol, I felt it I felt.

I felt that peach, angel, geranium and white musk would not smell early from me.


November 02, 2015


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