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It is amazing! !

I am amazed that the attitude of my favorite people changes rapidly.
Although I was making friends with each other, there was a time when my eyes also fell far apart, I definitely wanted to return again when I was friends, I tried using pheromone perfume.
The first perfume was cheap so geranium was tried.
With my favorite smell, I calm down and put on with a smile all the time. He also gave me a smile whether perfume worked.
Then I tried various perfumes, but I decided to use Happiness because he is older. It will be the third one this time. He likes this smell too Body touches increase, becoming increasingly aggressive, now it comes to be greasy when only two people are alone. He also touches and tells me to touch, but I'm surprised to hear that it is such a change.
I have occasional injuries, but I can only stay for 4 months in the same work place with him, so I would like to shorten the distance further while borrowing the power of perfume.


November 19, 2015


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