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Love Attraction Hyacinth for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Hyacinth for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Hyacinth for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


Price : USD 36.99

A variety of floral fragrance

I was looking forward to wearing scents as the reviews were highly valued.
The first impression was like sprinkling Jasmine here and spending time trying to smell like lily. Sorry

From the next day the scent of various flowers makes me feel the scent of the flower shop, so if this is the case without regard to the scene, I think that it will lead to confidence if I put it without taste.
The initial schedule was planned to be mixed with the premium, but the favorability was excellent even with hyacinth only.
Romance was my favorite, but hyacinth of refreshing flowers is also cute. As usual it is fun and peaceful, but there are days to fall down.
This big change is not yet this time but it seems to be a girl and it is a cute scent so it can be smiled by putting on.


January 28, 2016


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