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For some reason children (lol)

Rina-chan! I love you!
Because it smells all the time!

Nephew nephews are also very popular for some reason (lol \)
It is motemote! It can be a youkai watch level!
Even children like you stick together when you are bad! As it is already gloomy (lol)

Of course, adults around me will make friends regardless of gender, especially from those older than me, from the same age of my surroundings I was pretty to be wondering "why are you just getting along?" You got it.
What I say ... Pheromone perfume, regardless of age and sex, terrible (lol)

Yes Yes!
As mentioned above, I will never call my nephew nepheles as my aunt (laugh \)
When I am taking a spirit of my aunt, somehow, I feel like I'm going to get old soon (lol)


February 26, 2016


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