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Hime treatment

I went to an event where people attracted with love attraction · alcohol free.
I was spoken to by men and was prompted to sit next to me.
I noticed that at the launch seat, it was red as one of the tables.
It is treated like a little princess.
At that time, there was a man (a little famous person) I wanted to talk to, but I was able to speak with confidence that I can not be accepted with love attraction.
Of course, I was able to speak happily.
Next, I tried putting on the favorite when I saw him.
When I entered the bed, I was gazing at my eyes and saying "I'm beautiful", I was able to be very kind.
It was such a long time that he was very happy.
When I wear it at another different event, I was told to be somewhere to sit next to me, being touched by men. Even a small gift can be obtained.
Because I can not feel any smell at all, I can sneak up anywhere and it is easy to use.
I feel that love attraction · alcohol free seems to be a gentle effect, so I'd like to try a little sensual scented type next time.

Mill Mill

March 30, 2016


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