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To be healed

The impression of Iran Iran is healed by a faint fragrance. is.
I thought that Iran Iran was a more exciting and sexy aroma with my own selfish thought. However, in fact it is healed by using a fluffy fragrance (lol \)
I challenged Iran Iran on the occasion that a man who was interested for the first time in a few years was made, but unfortunately it turns out that he is married!
However, it was a faint and healing fragrance so I was using it at the company ... ... oh ... ohhh ... somehow I could talk from a man who had not talked much before, or I got messed up better than before It is a surprising succession. This is the power of Iran Iran (lol \)
I could not try it on him who is interested (I'm married ... so cry!), I think that it will be smooth for communication.
I think that Iran Iran will show its power in that time when a single men who will be worried next will appear. Until then, I will use it for my healing before going to bed at night.


April 08, 2016


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