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A little surprised

I am shy and shy personality. I can not speak well though there are many men in the environment. I borrowed the power of pheromone perfume to gain confidence.
A barbecue on that day with Iran Iran, a man never told me will not leave my side. And, it is close! I gotten too close to you ,,, haha. Is it thanks to perfume?

Next, an acquaintance man who always picks up and picks up "What kind of softener is used? I always smell sweet ~" I did not think that it was perfume, but lol. At that time, I tried using pheromone perfume as a plus for perfume you always wear. Even though I usually do not say it, it seems that the smell was really bothering me. This is one of the effects!
I thought I should use it for a long distance boyfriend, but I could not meet him ...,. I would like to try using it again next time I can meet you!


April 11, 2016


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