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Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Bergamot for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Fresh scent

"It's a refreshing scent, it's calm with a nice scent." I was told by the men first time to have a scent on men who first met at work. I was surprised to hear stories with a smile all the time. I feel nervous at the beginning when I put perfume, but I am healed with a good fragrance. I could not find the fragrance that I like, but I bought it because it is my favorite scent of herbs. I say that it is fragrant regardless of gender, if it is attached, it is everyday that I am amazed at the effect of the effect with the partner talking all the time when talking. Will it be possible thanks to the smell, I can smile, and I think that it has a good influence on work as well. Moreover, it seems to be treated very seriously from other people.
It was nice to meet a truly nice scent. I have ordered again as it's getting low. Thank you very much.

I love cherry blossoms

April 25, 2016


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