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Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Feel for MEN (Alcohol Free)


Price : USD 36.99

Other colleagues get a little tender

There is a reasonable effect.
Initially, premium was put on and not much effect was felt.
Iran Iran is the second time. Another colleague (both men and women) touched me slightly gently, because I was interested in me, perhaps it would be better to have a fragrance.

About 10 days wearing a feel, I do not like this odor much as it feels sweet, but turning on makes my heart gentle.
I have it every two to three hours.
As a result I feel that relationships with friendly female staff were even better.
I am going to drink home this month, but I say it's fun ♪ from her, I will talk about drinking home many times.
Also, bad female staff members have come to be able to talk by seeing my eyes once every 5 times.
Also, it seems there is a rise in body temperature, and the number of times that female staff go to the toilet when working in the same room.
I always say cold weather is hot.
Whether the volatility rises as the temperature goes up or not, all the female staff members had a good smile with a good smile all day long on hot days.
Children with a cold attitude in the morning gradually become more mild when they stay in the same room for one day.
I would like to try more type perfume that I can continue with my favorite odor. Because odor did not suit ☆ There are 4 ♪

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May 01, 2016


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