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Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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Correa bye! ! The smell is superb!

The scent of soap was very clean and I liked it!

My colleague at work was cold to me, so I tried using it to improve the relationship.
About one week after I started using it. I like the scent very much, so I understand that I am quite relaxed and concentrate on my work.
Because I was little left, I went to the workplace with my stomach, chest, wrist, side aside, in the morning so that I could use them all.
In the morning, the temperature in the room is low or not much change, but as the room warms up, the person pheromones volatilize, all female staff sweatily and go to the toilet.
If my body temperature rises, will volatilize will it make the effect easier?

The other thing I noticed was that I was sleepy at work or not motivated, a woman who was going on worked silently.
Two women around me always chat well, but today I work silently for some reason.
While I was in the room all of the female staff were relatively calm all day.
Also, after putting on a white musk, a friendly woman is now body touched every time.
Human relations in the workplace have not improved, but it is a good effect to be able to concentrate on your work!

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May 08, 2016


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