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It is too effective

I tried using a love attraction · ylang ylang!
Iran Iran was somewhat distinctive and strong image, but when I tried it it was not a strong scent but a natural feeling.
I was not conscious of it for a week, but I felt strongly this time.
It's in the train.
Although I was standing and riding, I came across the spectacle that there is a perfect men just behind though it is not so crowded around.
When sitting, the next men got closer and closer.
It was not frightening but a bit scary.
Perhaps because of Iran Iran? I got in trouble for a moment because it was too effective (lol \)
Even in the workplace, men are more gentle I also feel like I was able to spend brightly every day with a feeling of being healed.
It is a product I would like to recommend to women who think that every day is various melancholy.
Of course I will continue to patronize!


May 09, 2016


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