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There was an effect ♪

It's been a week since I started using it, but I am seeing the effect as I see it.
Although it is a workplace with many men, there are many men who are helping with work, even if they do not have anything ... I am surprised by too much effect.
Especially, it seems that it worked dramatically for the boss who wanted to shorten the distance, the opportunity to talk is increased, and today I got until the sweets were put in. From my everyday life, I think that I was glad I really used it because it was an unexpected development.
I chose alcohol free because my skin is weak, but it was a correct answer. There is no smell, there is no stimulation, so I use it several times a day without being noticed even if I change over again many times.
I am looking forward to what will happen tomorrow. I will repeat again when it runs out.


May 10, 2016


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