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Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction White musk for MEN (Alcohol Free)


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want to protect!

When the child entered the university, the wife returned to his parents 'home in order for the child to come from his / her parents' home, and I moved to a place of work away from home. I got her "her" at the work place. Although I was at the same department, I spoke only about greetings in another staff.
In that staff, the chief pressed most of her work to her, only himself planned, all the flow of materials and meetings she made.
One day, as usual I pressed a job to her and pretending to work, the section chief from the section chief who asked for a drinking party, the chief was asking her "I will not rush the work, so today I will return home You can go and go to the drinking party with saying "I do not mind." Even though my colleague at the same department including me said, "Yes, sort of work, I hope to do it tomorrow, please do not return already!" She said, "I will return home even after just a single section." He worked overtime for three hours and then went back. On the next day, I told the chief, "She returned home after working until 9 o'clock, I guess it's going to be an overtime job properly" (both my job and age are up to me), "Because I have no budget If you say "I can not talk to the section chief as much as my overtime's overtime fee, why should I talk with the section chief?", "Stop it, stop saying that much about that other stuff "If" If ", if you go to the section chief as soon as the chief goes to talk reluctantly," If you go to the section chief as soon as possible "and saying" Thank you very much, thank you □ □ " Something's different feeling "Yes, today I was wearing a White Mousse perfume that arrived yesterday. "I think that this is a chance ?," I say, "△ △, you do not have much to do with your work, so why do not you go out for a lunch buffet lunch next time?" (I think I could say it well) , "Yes, please take me." An unexpected reply. I went for a lunch buffet with just two people on Sunday the other day.
In the future, I am in my 50s who is exciting about expectations as to how to develop it with her of a year difference as much as my parents.
I will report it if there is progress.


May 11, 2016


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