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Love Attraction Angel for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Angel for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Angel for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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From the name "Angel", because I was convinced that "sweet smell for young children" without permission, it did not come out. Bergamot and romance were more than I expected, so I wanted to try it.
First smell. It was easy to handle fragrance that was not too sweet contrary to expectation. You can relax from the moment you spray it, and you can be conscious of yourself as a woman. . It is such fragrance.
And pheromone effect of the essence. I have one mind who is interested, but when I used bergamot, the effect was felt, but when I used this angel I got to further reduce the distance (lol) Talking to me It does not matter whether it comes, eyes meet, but it is close anyhow. It approaches unnecessarily (* '∇ __ *) ......... Rip decision !!


July 08, 2016


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