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nice smell

I bought the previous premium and wanted to try out fragrant ones, so I made it happiness this time.

The fragrance smells a little bit and the perfume feeling is small, and it was a little unsatisfactory for me who originally wore perfume. The scent itself was a nice fragrance like a soapy soap. Perhaps it is recommended for perfumes beginners. I wonder if it smells too much.

Regarding the effect, if you first use it separately, the effect of the premium will be inferior but the way you touch the surrounding people will be more gentle. I think I can relax thanks to scent. This may be an effect not found in the fragrance premium. Because the premium was relaxing close to feeling drunk.

Next time I use it with premium, I think that this is quite effective. When it is used in combination, the alcohol smell becomes stronger. Perhaps Lavuat thinks that there is this smell anyway. When using this it seems that the men's brakes will not work. In my case, I am limited to men who have a certain degree of favors, but I think that it is quite possible to expect this effect even if they are not so.

The premium was the strongest I felt unsatisfactory ☆ I made it to four, but it is effective!
Also as other people have written, as the capacity is small, it will be bigger, or expect to sell a large capacity separately! Also, is not the scent of premium is not it?


February 01, 2018


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