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As expected!

I have purchased this perfume before. While trying various other things, while feeling various effects, I was seeking which one is best for me and thought of trying Ylang Iran again at such a time. My percussion will turn on perfume. This is confirmed effectiveness by saying from her friend's woman and workplace woman that the atmosphere like sexyity and cool coolness comes out. The interesting thing changes the treatment to oneself after all. It was a little disgusting as a person who was bad was gentle (^ _ ^;) It is interesting that people who do not work and people who do not change change by the fragrance and effect of perfume.
Even those who I do not know are still watching my face or in the workplace because there are always few women in the range of activities I was watching the women gathering and the flowers were blooming in the scenery (lol) It might be exaggerated It will not draw a woman unconsciously, is not it? It is effective for women who think that the threshold is high for myself! It is my first excitement because I feel excited to be excited more than anything, so I realize the first effect (lol)

Some people feel that the scent of perfumes is hard, so we devised them and applied them directly to the skin that hides in our breasts and feet, clothes, so that they are fragrantly discouraged. By doing this, I think voluntarily will be slow, I do not think so selfishly.
My own excitement, the things that people around me are throbbing also is that my family is thrilled to use it when I have a family, so I will make me misunderstand the bad one so that I can select the scenes to use I will.
This is a sexy type in myself, so the degree of excitement of your opponent is different, of course. People who have favor with themselves still feel that their favorably is more easily understandable. It is something that such a pheromone naturally comes out of me (lol), the surrounding male team unusually uneasy as excessive action (they say something abnormally unpleasant recently ~) (^ _ ^; )) So it may be better to refrain from company (^ _ ^;) I thought that it would also work for same sex.
But I put myself everyday ʅ (◔ 4 ◔)

Lemon sour

August 20, 2018


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