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Result report

Rather than having a desire to motivate, I bought it hoping that if my relationship became better even a little even in my stuffy everyday in my workplace where I made a grispie.
I bought alcohol free for the first time without alcohol and 2 for pheromone, but because I could not see the remarkable effect like other people's impressions, I thought that because it is a fragrance-free product, this time, I tried a white musk ... but unfortunately, there was nothing.
Because there was little exposure of the skin in winter, I always tried to wear around the wrist and neck around the neck in the morning and the afternoon, but I did not get to see it with someone or kindly. . . .
I thought that my age seemed to have nothing to do with it, so I expected it. . .
Envious people are envious. . .
If there is not any change so far, I would like to investigate the cause of what is wrong.
Even though I had it taken care of as a monitor, I am sorry that I could not make such a good report that would become publicity.


December 17, 2018


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