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It is too much effect! It is posted again unexpectedly !!

Report after use → It is a fragrance which is really healed even by myself ♪ Immediate effect is great! He said that it was "a smell comfortably settled" by bringing his nose close to his ear that wears Ylang Iran many times. It is approached considerably aggressively, even the excitement of conversation is different from usual. While I was busy and I could not meet easily I promised until the next meeting ... I am honestly surprised (^ - ^) I never thought that this was just an immediate effect ali !! I will repeat again ♪ Two days after the post ... I had a liaison unless I could wait until next time we met, he came. It is an apparently different attitude than before turning on Iran Iran. After all I repeated it many times as "a good smell" !! Have you come to see me with a smell rather than me? (Laugh) Anyway the effect is overwhelming !! It's the next time you decide (^ - ^)


February 23, 2012


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