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There is no effect

With an experimental feeling, we attached love attraction firmly around the ears and neck, and we had dinner with male friends. I was kissed suddenly in the car on my way home. For many years, my relationship with my friends without romance mode, I did not have that kind of relationship, so I am surprised! This is clearly the power of pheromone perfume. Love attraction Alcohol free literally contains no alcohol, so after spraying, it does not volatilize and water drips off, so it is good to let it rub with your fingers. When I used it for the first time, it seemed like water and I was half-trusted, but I also clearly feel better and I have a firm effect. Premium used before is pretty much the unique fragrance, but I do not feel it almost, so when you use everyday or with other perfumes, this is my recommendation.


February 17, 2013


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