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Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Unscented for MEN (Alcohol Free)


Price : USD 36.99

Again the effect ant?

I do not smell at all, I think that it is very easy to use because it can be used with the colon I normally use.
It looks as if it is spraying water.
In order to test the effect, we had a schedule of compatibility with women in their twenties, so I tried spraying it much on the neck and wrist from the morning on that day.
Women's reactions in trains and crowds were not felt at all.
And then it blew further just before the beginning of the gong.
As I did last time, I have forgotten that I am enjoying it as much as I drink and putting a love attraction.
But I became close to a lady of intention, I touched lightly, I promised my next date and I could exchange my phone number smoothly.
Let's continue trying whether it is the result of becoming psychologically aggressive by using love attraction or whether it is the effect of pheromone.
Either way, there is no doubt that unprecedented results have been continued, so it is a repeat purchase decision, but I think that it is even better if you double the pheromone.


February 23, 2013


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