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Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Ylang-Ylang for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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Finally I got used to work.

I changed my job recently and made my debut in the hospitality industry, but I was not familiar with the workplace easily, I was suffering from days going around idly because I could not afford.
If I can feel more confident in myself ... I thought of trying to make my hair a bit brighter, etc. I would rather change from inside of myself.
I found Iran Iranian perfume here and I wanted to try it out for some reason. I have a lot of floral perfumes of a young image but I want to borrow the power of mature Iran Iran ... Iron Iran's fragrance of the pheromone perfume laboratory is very elegant and delicate adult scent . It is a gentle fragrance like aroma oil.
The moment I put on it is not a honest smell that alcohol scent is quite hard, but when I become familiar with the skin it is a good smell that calms down very much.
Premium perfume is hard and I do not like it, cheap perfume is a cheap fragrance after all. Iran Iran 's perfume here smells like a body cream out of luxury brands pretty much for the price. It is quite favorite.
Since I started attaching, I feel that the job of customer service has gotten used to somewhat. Calm your mind and be healed. I can soak in the image where the charm of an adult woman overflows from me ... haha.
As long as I can not afford it I can not become a good woman of adults!
It is about time that this perfume is gone. It depends on the power of perfume and it can not be a single person, but because it is a favorite scent, I'm thinking ipi (^^) ♪


November 26, 2013


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