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Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Secret for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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The power of scent

As I mentioned in the introduction to this perfume, I tried using "I want to keep his heart alone" ++ I like the sexy fragrance. I feel like an adult woman above a notch.
Although it is about the effect, I think that there are individual differences, but I was a side effectiveness ^ ^ The other day, I participated in a new year party at a friend 's house with my favorite people.
When he is in multiplayer he is not usually entwined so much. (↑ The boyfriend is not a title and it is a complicated relationship so she is supposed to be a secret; \)
However, on this day I went on with perfume, I feel he is always next to me. Moreover, at the short distance where the body can touch. It may have been thought that from a surroundings "Are you dating?" ^ ^; Even when I left my seat to wash my hands, he came from behind and caressed me cuddly.
Next time we went to play with two people this time but it seems that his atmosphere is softer than usual.
And I could see his smile more than usual.
On my parting I was stroking my head ... Most of all, he was more aggressive on the bed than usual
It also makes me feel a little relaxed. .
I remembered the explanation of this site "Iron Iranian smell ..." to stir the bridegroom's lust.
Anyway, I often thought "I'm better than usual".
After all the power of fragrance is amazing. Double attack of scent and pheromone. I liked this perfume quite a lot ☆ I do not love plunder love ... haha ​​I definitely want to lipipate!
And I hope someday that I can become a "girlfriend" with him.


January 21, 2010


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