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Feels good

I have always patronized.
It should be odorless

Calm down. Of course, the level is much higher than the high-class perfume of brands. Really I do not want to tell Tomodachi absolutely 99.8% absolutely men who are intention!

First of all, the man who did not fall was not inside of me ~ ~.
Really secret !!!

Coco is amazing! Even if you do not care about the opponent, it seems you can not hold it down.
It is "magical perfume" in me.
Besides, I am getting captured with this scent. It is strange and exciting ... Haa ~. . It makes me feel drunk anyway anyway!

I certainly want you to experience this magic perfume and make more love with a lot more people.
Because I am ugly, I'm totkatto because I'm fat. Toka · There are various complexes.

I'm too tampering ~~~~~ !!


February 18, 2010


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