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Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)

Love Attraction Taboo for WOMEN (Alcohol Free)


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It was good

I always use a secret. I like the scent of secret, it is my favorite because I calm down.
This time, I tried using taboo immediately.
I have not gone well with my husband, and I heard about divorce talks last month. In the evening, as for the other two years I was lonely feeling, I was talking about divorce. That night, the husband was a different attitude from usual. It was always cold to me, whether to be ignored or yelled when I speak, but I have talked normally for some reason. surprised.
And, as usual I went to bed like usual, but I thought it was strange, something strange, when I woke up, my husband was seeking my body and touching me. I was very surprised. I had nothing more than two years. It was after talking about divorce. It was strange, I thought this was due to taboo. I was told that I would make a husband the next week. I am really surprised. There is no talk of divorce at all from then. I do not know if it is effective enough to change my husband's feeling, but I can not help admitting this change.
I think that I was really good at applying for a monitor.
It was good to win. I'm really thankful to you. From now on I also hope to use both taboo and secret, both.


November 23, 2014


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