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it's amazing

It arrived and I got a great job on the first day when I went to work.
My goal is only a bold boyfriend who is fancy and weak, so I'm trying various things towards that, but this time Happiness had a quick response around me.
As soon as I sat down, a synchronized boy (a young awful younger sitting) sat next to me speaking to him.
When I was talking with that girl, a senior boy came closer to that side again.
Three people tried to chat a bit because they were mixed in the story, but since it can not be impossible not to work, the hands were doing work but everyone did not move the place, something glittering While working for a while.
What is this? It is quite unnatural, but ...

When the conversation ceased, he came and began to sneak up the shelves behind me, so I thought it was a chance and I tried to say that I could open a bottle I bought from my boyfriend, a hard-to-open gesture I was doing. No, I did not actually open it, but my boyfriend was pointing out and looking behind me, so I could not see it, but I said that instead of saying, I do not know how old you are but Grandpa's Area) literally flew (sweat \)
As the synchronized men came at the moment when I tried to reach out, everyone hung for a second.
From where I was watching, I took a plastic bottle and opened it and left as it was.
Suddenly, including the boyfriend, of course, all the male employees were working around me.
Is it because of perfume or perfume ?? \?
It surely smells soapy but is it a scent to accept men? \?
I think the reason is, I think that it was a quite unnatural sight from the surroundings.
However, the feeling was "Maji?!"
It was a day full of tension rising.


August 09, 2015


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