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Who is Dr. Pheromones?

Who is Dr. Pheromones?

Who is David Berliner, the developer of human pheromones?

1920’s Born and raised in Mexico City as a son of Polish immigrants.
1953-1969 Anatomy Professor at School of Medicine, University of Utah
He collected skin cells came off from the casts of a skier who broke his limbs and analyzed them and developed various substances derived from humans. After that, he noticed the effects of these substances and became interested in the vomeronasal organs of human being which had been long believed to not exist in humans. However, he could not identify the cause, and these cells ended being stored frozen.
1969-1987 As a developer and biochemist, he engaged in the development of medicines including skin absorption medicines. (CEO of Ferring Pharmaceutical)
Around 1987 Two Colorado researchers studied the noses of about 100 individuals and found that almost all individuals had a small depression (the vomeronasal organ) at the tip of the nose. Having heard about this discovery, he defrosted the frozen skin cells to resume his research.
He gave this substance to Dr. Luis Monti, a physiologist at the University of Utah, and asked him to review the research on how these would be detected by the human vomeronasal organ.
1989 To conduct research on human’s vomeronasal organ, he established a company, where he was engaged in research on perfumes containing human pheromones and other pharmaceutical products.
1990 Established Erox Corp. for research and development of products using human pheromones.
1991 At the Human Pheromone International Symposium held in Paris, a paper on human pheromone research by Dr. Luis Monti was published in an academic journal.
1992 In the United States, he obtained patents in two fields: "compounds containing fragrance" and "compounds containing odor."
2000 Obtained a manufacturing patent in Japan.

In 2003, Prosty Co., Ltd. acquired a license to import and sell perfumes using the human pheromones and began selling them in the Japanese market a manufacturer and distributor.